Everyday Inclusion at Johnson and Johnson: Top Tips for Making It a Reality

Inclusion at Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson recognised a need to advance the culture of belonging in the workplace: their Inclusion and Diversity global vision is for every person to use their unique experiences and backgrounds to collectively spark solutions that create a better, healthier world. To continue to make this a reality they wanted to create practical tools that ensure all employees are heard and feel that they belong in an everyday, on the ground, level.

Top Tips for harnessing the Opportunity to Include

A workstream focused on creating inclusive environments was responsible for bringing these ideas together. Colleague feedback was that people did not want more training, more evidence or advocacy, they wanted some simple ideas – tips – they could use. The workstream gathered ideas and approaches that were already working around the business, sense checking with L&D colleagues, piloting a workshop and top tips during the organisation’s development month in June and incorporating feedback from other sectors and participants.

These ideas were realised by the team at Johnson & Johnson with the creation of their ‘Top Tips for Creating an Inclusive Environment’ campaign which launched during a special Inclusion workshop as part of National Inclusion Week 2018. Internal communication and social media were used to engage colleagues with the campaign launch.

The Top Tips are bought together in a fantastic workbook offering guidance and checklists for people to really think about how to take action and work inclusively. Sections of the workbook include an inclusive behaviour checklist, inclusive leadership self-assessment questions, guidance on inclusive meetings and tips to develop inclusive interactions. The desired outcome of this initiative was to provide practical tips, tools and guidance for everyone to use, to enable them to take action to create and sustain inclusive environments within their daily workflow. J&J have undoubtedly achieved this with their Top Tips campaign.

Taking Action to Include in Meeting Rooms

Beyond National Inclusion Week, meeting rooms were identified as the focal point for engaging and inspiring colleagues with the Top Tips campaign, as they are the most common place people gather and work together.

Inclusivity Cube

The campaign was brought to life with 'Inclusivity Cubes' and Top Tips workbooks in all meeting rooms to achieve the desired outcome by being ‘in the flow of work’ front and centre, rather than a poster on the wall, or just sitting on SharePoint or in e-learning. The workbooks are used regularly for leadership induction workshops, and campaign resources are shared widely on internal social media. Top Tips are also regularly used by L&D facilitators, at cross functional team meetings and at sales team cycle meetings.

Anecdotal feedback has been that many of the behaviours shared in the Top Tips are much more commonplace than 18 months ago, when the campaign was launched. The 'Inclusivity Cubes' remain in every room at J&J, as important as other collaboration tools such as teleconference equipment.
Many teams have adopted certain tips, such as inclusively checking in and out of meetings, and rotating chairs. Feedback from the launch workshop and on the tips was very positive and appreciated and the ideas are far more socialised and normalised than two years ago.

J&J have identified Top Tips as an important contribution to engagement levels and know that in teams where these tips and behaviours have been adopted people feel more included and that team effectiveness is high. Following instances where EMEA colleagues have come across these resources in the UK they have asked for them to be adopted in their own countries.

Inclusivity cube 2