Anti-racism in the Workplace

Inclusive employers’ anti-racism toolkit, ‘Building an anti-racist culture: A toolkit for your workplace’ is a suite of tools created to help you to embed an anti-racist culture in your organisation. The toolkit was developed with The Guinness Partnership.

Our anti-racism toolkit will be available from 28th September 2021! We have released the extracts from the toolkit ‘What is racism? What is anti-racism?’, ‘Preparing yourself for an anti-racism journey’ and ‘BLM vs Marxism’ which are available for FREE when you register your interest in the toolkit.


About the Inclusive Employers anti-racism toolkit

Developed with The Guinness Partnership

2020 saw organisations and individuals committing to anti-racist action following the tragic murder of George Floyd. The Black Lives Matter movement prompted the need for action. For many organisations this was the first time they’d made a public statement about any aspect of inclusion.

We recognised a need for greater support for employers to embed anti-racism in the workplace and this anti-racism toolkit has been a key piece of work for us over the last 12 months. The toolkit provides the knowledge needed to understand where organisations are on their journey and will equip them with the tools and action plans to begin or continue this work. The toolkit can be used by leaders, HR professionals, D&I professionals, managers and employees.

We are launching the toolkit during National Inclusion Week 2021 with a launch event, National Inclusion Week 2021: Anti-Racism Toolkit Launch. This webinar will tell you where you can find out more about the toolkit’s origins, the research phase of the project and meet the team behind the toolkit.

Anti-racism toolkit contents

Our toolkit contains the following sections which will be available to purchase as a whole, or the ‘how to’ guides will be available to purchase separately:

A. Building understanding of anti-racism
This package provides a grounding in some basics and some ‘hot topics’. It can be used by anyone within your organisation to gain a better understanding of anti-racism and provide context to the need for an anti-racist culture. Register your interest and download free extracts from this package.

B. Building an anti-racist strategy
This package provides leaders with practical ways to ensure they are building and embedding anti-racism in their organisation, from strategic implementation to measuring progress.

C. Building anti-racist behaviours
The package will enable everyone in your organisation to play their part in building an anti-racist culture, with individual guidance for leaders and for managers/team leaders. It also looks at the role of networks and internal and external communications.

D. Building anti-racist policies and processes
This package provides recommendations to ensure your people policies, processes and practices are anti-racist throughout the employee lifecycle.

E. How-to guides for building anti-racist cultures
A series of ‘how to’ guides to support the implementation of anti-racist principles in your organisation. The practical guides provide step-by-step best practice.

Register your interest to receive our FREE extracts and have the first opportunity to purchase the toolkit during National Inclusion Week 2021.

Why we need an anti-racism toolkit

Black and ethnic minority people are still not proportionally represented in the workplace.  We’re still seeing CEOs blaming a lack of diverse talent in the pipeline, rather than a commitment to understanding why attraction and retention processes are failing. There remains a dearth of ethnic minority representation on Boards. We know from research that diverse leadership teams make businesses more successful in every way – but we have yet to see this insight turned into action.

This year the global discourse has changed following a number of widely publicised incidents both in the UK and the US – from the murder of George Floyd (and so many others) to our own MPs being stopped for ‘driving while black’ to the incessant racist abuse faced by many Black and ethnic minority people in the spotlight.  We have finally begun to see real engagement in the anti-racism movement, and a new commitment to standing against societal, structural and systemic racism. 

Now is the time for all of us to take real action to build and embed anti-racist cultures in the workplace.

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