DEI Workplace Training - Inclusive Employers

Inclusion and diversity training that has lasting impact

Our DEI training packages are designed with your organisation in mind. We don’t believe that one size fits all. We take the time to tailor each of our inclusion training sessions to deliver engaging content that positively impacts your organisation. With hundreds of happy organisations across multiple industries, we have experience understanding and uncovering all sectors’ challenges and opportunities.

We review the impact of our inclusion work, striving to always make positive changes such that workplaces are inclusive for all employees and thriving, profitable organisations.

“A HUGE Thank You. It was one of, if not, the most engaging session we have had, and the team came away really energised and  full of ideas. The content was so relevant to Serco and the conversations that were created as a result of the training were very insightful.”

Inclusion and diversity topics

We go beyond the Equality Act and offer comprehensive DEI workplace training from supporting organisations starting their inclusion journey to more in-depth projects. We provide personal development and learning opportunities for existing workforces from the front line to C-Suite and consider ways to engage all new employees onboarding.

Below is an outline of our topics:


Can’t see exactly what you are looking for. Rest assured, our list is so long it goes beyond the scope of our website; reach out and fill in the form below and one of our consultants can guide you through options that will be of benefit to your organisation.

Training delivery styles

We all learn and engage differently, and our approach to training in the workplace is no different. We offer several options for you; there’s no fixed formula. Our consultants work with you to create training packages that work for your organisation and your teams.

Instant workplace learning package

Do you need an off-the-shelf solution that anyone in your organisation can facilitate? Our Bitesize inclusion toolkit for team learning is a dedicated package with 12 structured bitesize sessions. Each session includes a 10-minute video followed by suggested individual/ group activities and discussion prompts.

These sessions are ideal for groups of 3-6 participants and help to introduce the concept of inclusion discussion. They can be used at any time or planned to fit into regular team meetings.

Learn more about our Bitesize for Inclusion toolkit