A Guide to eLearning with Inclusive Employers

Any organisation can benefit from eLearning. It allows  people to learn flexibly at a time that suits them.

Here at Inclusive Employers, we can create meaningful and interesting content that is tailored to your learning objectives and outcomes.

Our eLearning strategies are developed with the aid of some of the country’s finest inclusion specialists and are based on best inclusion practices and research.

What is eLearning development?

Put simply, eLearning is online or technology-based learning that allows people to learn wherever they are, at whatever time. This style of learning considers various learning styles and can be adapted to fit communication styles and requirements.

Benefits of eLearning courses

eLearning can be a fun and engaging way to improve your company’s abilities and awareness. Content is adaptable to a wide range of individual needs and is appropriate for today’s “modern learner.” For many people, engaging content means higher information retention. People will be better able to recall and refer back to information if learning about a subject is interesting and enjoyable.

eLearning is particularly effective as a conversation starter in larger organisations. It can help to reach many people with a lower ‘per head’ cost. It is also a highly flexible approach, so can fit in with busy diaries at a time to suit most, without the need for alignment that live training requires. eLearning is also trackable, so it’s easy to see who has completed it.

Our goal at Inclusive Employers is to help businesses to establish safe and inclusive environments for all employees. Among the many advantages of our eLearning services is our ability to collaborate with your firm to create inclusive content tailored to your specific needs.

When to use eLearning

When and how to implement eLearning is entirely dependent on the requirements of a company.

If you have a remote workforce, for example, eLearning can be a terrific method to suit everyone’s individual needs and can be a simple way to disseminate information that your entire company needs to know about.

If you have employees who require special communication, our eLearning courses has several accessible components, so we can support people to the best of our ability. Everything we do, including our eLearning, is based on inclusivity.

eLearning without any wider conversation won’t deliver change. A great option is to use eLearning paired with team activities – manager toolkits and guides. Managers can host discussions with the team asking about what they took from the eLearning and how do the team want to apply it.

Here at Inclusive Employers, we have different options for you with eLearning. Take a look at how we can help below.

Our Introduction to EDI eLearning course

This is a course that is ready to go and can help kickstart your inclusion learning journey. The interactive course is an introduction to equality, diversity and inclusion, to help give your organisation a basic understanding of what inclusivity is and why it matters.

The eLearning course covers four topics, which are:

  • What inclusion and diversity is
  • The law and how to get it right
  • Understanding bias
  • Everyday inclusion

This course has set content, but you can add your logo, an opening page with comments and a “what’s next” page. Similarly, the colour scheme is all set, but has been designed with accessibility in mind, and paired with a calming palette of colours.

At the end of the course, there is an optional knowledge check. This course has no licensing fees, you own the file, and it has been designed to be uploaded onto your LMS.

Our standard level of eLearning is priced at £6,000 +VAT.

Personalised eLearning content

Inclusive Employers can work directly with you to storyboard and create inclusion eLearning content.

We offer a variety of eLearning services, such as creating content and delivering it to your tech teams to build the programmes, or working directly with you to create and deliver content that can be uploaded to your LMS.

We will include relevant and engaging content that is directly related to your learning objectives and the courses we create can be branded to fit your company’s needs.

Our bespoke services start at £11,000 +VAT.

Get in touch to discuss our eLearning services

We understand that each company and individual is unique, and that their needs will vary. Our expert team is available to discuss our eLearning services and how we can tailor them to your specific requirements.