Global Inclusion

Considering inclusion from a global perspective can have an impact on your employee experience, your brand awareness and the societies you operate in. Here are some of the benefits of global inclusion:

  • Having global inclusion strategies can help create an organisational design that is more effective and efficient.
  • It can be a guiding light if there is organisational change or change transformation taking place.
  • It provides an opportunity for internal and external marketing: improving current and future employee experience as well as attitudes to an organisation.
  • By embracing inclusion globally, employees are more likely to stay if they feel they have mobility options that are safe and inclusive.
  • According to HR Review, the Great Resignation phenomenon is not just an issue for the UK, it is a phenomenon happening around the world. With more flexibility than ever in the way employees work, employers must keep pace in terms of the health and wellbeing support they offer if they are to retain talent on a global basis.
  • A global organisation can eventually become an agent for change in society and a beacon for other companies to do the same.
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    Why we need inclusion in a globally connected world
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    Global strategies webinar
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The Inclusive Employers vision for global inclusion

Matheus Carvalho, Head of Inclusion and Diversity (Global), is excited to be developing our portfolio of global inclusion resources. We are working closely with global members to understand the challenges and opportunities, and you can expect to see this reflected in our work going forward. Our 2022 (and beyond!) vision is to:

  • Evolve and expand our strategic and overall employee experience support for UK members and clients that have a global footprint.
  • Create a global portfolio of resources and training with a focus on global inclusion.
  • A ‘glocal’ (global + local) approach to how we design training and resources to global members – thinking about the global context and workforce but being considerate to local needs and nuances.
  • Support an ever-growing global, mobile and agile workforce by helping our members create safe spaces for all, regardless of where their employees come from and where they are moving to.

What you can expect from us in 2022

  • Member’s United Global Inclusion roundtable: in April we hosted our first conversation on Global Inclusion. We heard from members about the global challenges and opportunities they are experiencing. The resources we produce will reflect some of these conversations.
  • Global Inclusion strategies: We will be releasing a guide to provide you with the foundations and key considerations when creating a Global Inclusion strategy and you can join our webinar on 9 June for more information.
  • Global staff networks: We will be releasing a guide to support your staff networks when engaging with a global audience. The guide will support the global staff networks webinar on 3 August.
  • Supporting migrant and ex-pat colleagues: Join our webinar during National Inclusion Week 2022, where we will explore how to make migrant and ex-pat colleagues welcome and comfortable at work.

We are really excited to be sharing these resources and continuing the conversation on Global Inclusion with our members and clients over the course of 2022 and beyond. If you would like more support with Global Inclusion and are an Inclusive Employers member please speak to your account manager.

Non-members please get in touch to find out how we can support your Global Inclusion work.