• Sexual Harassment
    Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – Toolkit

    This package will help you understand how to handle reports of sexual harassment when you receive them – and with more than half of women in this country having experienced sexual harassment at work, it is currently highly likely that you will.  We’ve also designed it to support you and your organisation to put the right things in place internally, to prevent it happening in the first place – and we’ve provided a range of helpful information, resources and tips to help you with this.

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    Socio-Economic Mobility
    2 people holding hands
    Care Leavers Week Panel

    Join our colleague Rosie with a panel of care leavers and those who support them in a webinar where they discuss their experiences and insights. PASSWORD: To access this webinar, please enter the following password in the box below: CareLeavers

  • Mother and child look at a Menorah
    Religion and Belief
    Mother and child look at a Menorah
    Hanukkah Factsheet

    Hanukkah (Chanukah) is a Jewish holiday which celebrates the rededication of the Jewish Temple of Jerusalem during the second century B.C. and miracle which took place during this time. Read our factsheet to learn more about this holiday, when it takes place and how it is celebrated to support your Jewish colleagues or meet their needs important event in the Jewish calendar.

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    Three people talking with masks on
    An Active Bystanders Guide to Challenging Microaggressions

    This package is designed to help organisations understand and challenge microaggressions and to move individuals from passive to active bystanders. It will cover what microaggressions are, their impact and how organisations and individuals can challenge them.

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