• A meeting with one colleague in person and 3 dialling in
    Inclusive, hybrid meetings – lessons from lockdown
  • Older man working at laptop and tablet
    Landmark Case: Levy v McHale Legal Ltd (May 2019)
  • Pregnant woman working at desk
    Landmark Case: Dekker v VJV-Centrum (8 November 1990)
  • Sim sitting on a sofa working from home
    Seizing the opportunity: advancing inclusion and diversity at Heathrow Airport
  • Steve and Yvy De Luca during the webinar
    Visibility, privilege and inclusion
  • Sharing Lived Experience, Baring Our Souls
  • The Hare and The Tortoise
  • Pie chart showing our services to support anti-racism
    What does being anti-racist really mean?
  • An inclusive path through overwhelming times
  • Chart describing the journey of becoming anti-racist
    Becoming anti-racist: it takes discomfort