• A profile picture of Garry. He has a beard and is smiling at the camera. Wears a mustard coloured jumper and blue shirt underneath
    5 minutes with… Garry Clarke-Strange
  • 4 people of mixed genders smiling after playing sports together - they all have their arms in the middle of a circle with their hands on top of each other
    Transgender people in sports: Why inclusion matters
  • A man working on a laptop
    Understanding learning disability terminology
  • The background is three separate images of people, edited together. Over the top of them to the right of the image is a large teal green circle with the words #ThePowerOfNow in the middle, there is a red circle surrounding these words and then National Inclusion Week Inclusive Employers written on the outer edge
    10 top tips for National Inclusion Week 2022
  • A birds eye view of lots of people standing in different circles. The circles are connected by lines of people
    Why we need inclusion in a globally connected world
  • A black man is standing at a table smiling, leaning in towards colleagues who are sitting at the table in front of him - they are all working together smiling.
    How to be an anti-racist ally
  • A colourful mural of George Floyd's face with bright flowers around it. There are placards on the ground that read 'Spread Love' and 'Black Lives Matter'
    George Floyd’s anniversary: the progress of anti-racism
  • A traditional gypsy caravan in a grassy field, with a horse grazing nearby
    How to support Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities at work
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence in the workplace
  • National Inclusion Week: A 10 Year History