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When you become an Inclusive Employers’ Member you grow your I&D team.

Your account manager works with you to understand your goals, your challenges and achievable next steps.

Do you need more support for your inclusive culture to thrive?

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Whether you have been a member of Inclusive Employers since we started in 2012, or joined in the past week, our inclusion and diveristy (I&D) membership offer is designed to support all organisations to understand inclusion and embed it into the core of their organisational culture.

Debbie Epstein, Director of Major Programmes, tells us more about Inclusive Employers membership and how to ensure you are making the most out of working with us.

Our I&D membership includes support for organisations wherever they are at on their inclusion journey. Read on to make sure you understand all the help that is available to you.

What does Inclusive Employers inclusion and diversity membership provide?

Our inclusion and diversity membership provides support that considers the range of challenges and objectives of each individual organisation. An overview of the membership benefits include:

  • A dedicated and knowledgeable account manager who will take the time to get to know you and your organisation.
  • Access to our weekly webinar programme, which shares expert insight into important inclusion and diversity topics. As a member, your organisation receives 5 free places, on every webinar. If our annual webinar programme was delivered to organisations in-house, it would be worth over £50,000! That is a significant benefit that you want to make the most of.
  • Access to our catalogue of comprehensive inclusion and diversity resources that are available to download and use in-house.  This library is reviewed regularly and expanding all the time.
  • Regular communications in the form of monthly member emails, newsletters, blogs and podcasts.
  • A half day or 7 full days of training or consultancy depending on the type of membership you have.
  • Being part of a community of members to share best practice through member call-out emails. This is a valuable opportunity to get advice from peers and potentially connect with organisations that have been through a similar journey.

How to get the most out of your membership account manager meetings

Your account manager will be one of the Inclusive Employer’s expert consultants. Our role is to make life easier for you.

Most of us have worked in-house leading I&D and know it can be a lonely road. Making the most of the monthly account manager catch-ups can really help to formulate your thoughts, receive best practice advice and create opportunities to maximise your membership.

How to prepare for your membership catch-ups

Before a catch-up, take time to plan and consider the following:

  • What challenges have you had in the past month?
  • What new inclusion activity are you planning?
  • Send any specific ideas or requests ahead of time so your account manager can do research, prepare some of the answers and come prepared.
  • Consider who else from your organisation could benefit from attending either to understand more about the value of the diversity and inclusion membership. This will help you to get maximum use across your organisation or allow them to raise an issue they would like to discuss.

Feel supported by your own inclusion expert

Your account manager is there to help you feel supported. Many of our primary contacts in member organisations do not have a specific inclusion and diversity role and this work could form just part of their remit; they may not work alongside other colleagues who are doing similar work. Being a member of Inclusive Employers can help reduce the isolation and worry and provide you with an independent expert you can trust and rely upon.

We welcome feedback, so do let us know how we are doing and if there is more we could do to support you to achieve your inclusion goals.

“I often think back to when I was responsible for in-house I&D, trying to do everything; I wished I had somewhere I could go for support. That’s the value of your diversity and inclusion membership with Inclusive Employers.”

Tanisha Singla, Senior Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Tanisha Singla

Access a library of Members’ Resources

Our Members’ Resources area is full of information for you to pick up, use and disseminate across your organisation.  Our catalogue covers resources on a growing and evolving range of topics.

Valuable resources already prepared

I often think back to my days when I was responsible for in-house I&D, trying to do everything, including hours of research for different pieces of work, I wished I had somewhere I could go for support. That’s the value of your diversity and inclusion membership with Inclusive Employers. Our Members’ Resources area aims to have everything you need, it’s been well-researched and you can trust the information and share it with others in your organisation.

Members’ Resources for everyone in your organisation

Think about who else could benefit from the Members’ Resources area; managers responsible for particular areas, people with passion for particular topics, or your networks and inclusion groups.  You can sign them up as a user to gain direct access. The resources are designed for anyone working in I&D to achieve their goals more effectively.

Your organisation will have a primary contact who is responsible for managing your inclusion and diversity membership account. This person can add as many team members as possible to gain access to the support available in the Members’ Resources area of the website.

How to navigate the member’s area of the website

Take the time to familiarise yourself with our how-to guides to help navigate the member’s area:

If you have any questions about anything covered in these guides, you can get in touch with your account manager or our Members’ Desk, who will be happy to help.

Book your members places on our free webinars

Our inclusion and diversity webinars are designed and delivered by our expert consultant team and allow you to absorb knowledge from our expert and diverse team.

The webinar programme is released six months in advance, which gives you time to plan who will go along from your organisation, to make sure so you use all five free membership places at each event.

Share the webinar learning across your organisation

Once you or a colleague has attended a webinar, you can spread the learning wider by adding the webinar topic as an agenda item for your team meeting, allowing the attendee to feedback the key learnings or takeaways. Some member organisations even host the webinars on a big screen and invite all colleagues to attend.

If there are times when you need extra resources and support on a webinar topic, or only a few colleagues have been able to attend, you can still brush up using the other sources of information included in your diversity and inclusion membership. Our blogs, awareness day pages and resources are reliable tools for self-learning and sharing with colleagues to highlight a particular topics or events.

As part of your membership, Inclusive Employers give access to one webinar recording every month. These are shared in the monthly member’s email shared by your account manager.

Use the training or consultancy time included in your membership

Don’t forget to use your training/consultancy time. It is a valuable opportunity to progress your inclusion work and make an impact.

Corporate Membership includes half a day of consultancy or training which can be used in these different ways:

  • Delivery of a 2-hour workshop for up to 15 people.
  • Delivery of 2 webinars (which can be recorded and sent to you) for up to 300 people.
  • Review of 2-3 policies or processes.
  • A facilitated conversation with key stakeholders to plan or develop your I&D strategy.
  • A review with written feedback on a strategy or action plan.

This level of support can help kick-start your I&D projects and give you a sense of the quality of support offered as part of your diversity and inclusion membership.

If you’ve opted for a Partnership Membership, you will have an additional seven days of consultancy to deep dive into your specific inclusion challenges.

Take advantage of discounted Inclusive Employers products

Having an diversity and inclusion membership with Inclusive Employers gives you a 10% discount on our other products, including our:

Celebrate your diversity and inclusion membership status

Broadcast your membership! This could be in your internal newsletters as well as demonstrating your commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace on your career’s website.

Display our ‘Committed Member’ logo and link to our Inclusive Employers website to provide a signpost to other colleagues wanting to explore the benefits of membership.

Committed Members of Inclusive Employers

And finally, my last words of wisdom are to spread your knowledge. Don’t keep Inclusive Employers to yourself, bring everyone on board. If there’s anything you would like to see, let us know! It is possibly something we already have in the pipeline.

Next steps for your diversity and inclusion membership

If you are already a member of Inclusive Employers and reading this has inspired you to draw on your membership further – great news! Please be sure to share your ideas with your account manager in your next monthly catch-up.

If you’re a non-member who would like to know more about how a diversity and inclusion membership with Inclusive Employers can support the progress of I&D in your organisation, we would love to chat with you more. It’s easy to get in touch using the form below, we look forward to hearing from you.

Grow your team

When you become an Inclusive Employers’ Member you grow your I&D team.

Your account manager works with you to understand your goals, your challenges and achievable next steps.

Do you need more support for your inclusive culture to thrive?

Learn about membership today

Upcoming webinars – Members receive 5 free place on each and every webinar