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What is Global Inclusion Week?

Global Inclusion Week is an annual awareness week that aims to shine a light on inclusion in a global context, led by Inclusive Employers.

For 2024, the theme for the week is Cultural Intelligence: Inclusion Across Cultures and through our free toolkit, content and events, you will explore how organisations can navigate the challenges and opportunities of engaging and connecting with colleagues operating across the globe.

There are also opportunities for organisations to elevate the global inclusion conversation with their people through in-house, virtual training on global inclusion topics in a way that suits their business needs.

We know that global inclusion can be a complex area and there are major gaps of knowledge in this space, Global Inclusion Week aims to engage workplaces on this topic and create new opportunities to connect, learn and be inspired. Come be a part of the movement!

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GIW Toolkit

By being part of Global Inclusion Week 2024, you can access the toolkit that comprises of global inclusion guides that follow the theme, on-demand webinars, a blog writing guide and GIW logos. There will be phased releases of the toolkits, so keep checking back for more content.

Here’s what to expect in your free toolkit:

  • Understanding Culture: key concepts and terminology guide
  • Cultural Intelligence guide
  • Blog writing guide and template
  • On-demand webinars
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In-house training packages

Bring your people together for Global Inclusion Week through virtual training experiences that suit your organisational needs. The sessions explore what global organisations are faced with in terms of challenge and opportunity when engaging and connecting with one another.

Topics that are covered:

  • Global leadership: succeeding in a complex and unpredictable world
  • Cultural awareness: being inclusive across different cultures
  • Global strategies for decision-makers
  • Global Staff Networks
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About Inclusive Employers

Established in 2011, Inclusive Employers are experts on workplace inclusion. We are the first and leading membership organisation for employers who are committed to prioritising inclusion and creating truly inclusive workplaces. In inclusive workplaces all employees are valued and contribute towards the success of their organisation.

We launched Global Inclusion Week in 2023 to give global organisations the opportunity to celebrate inclusion and to help build a global business community where workplaces can connect, learn from each other and share best practice.

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