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Staff Network Leads – Best Practice


Staff Networks have been invaluable over the last 12 months, but how do we keep the momentum moving?

But how do you generate a vision for the network based on your organisation’s values and direction of travel?

How can you develop action plans for the network, outlining key objectives, stakeholders, responsible network members and measures for success? This webinar will show you how.

Inclusive Leadership


This webinar will explore the behaviours of an inclusive leader, the models that can underpin an approach to inclusive leadership and the concept of authenticity in leadership.

How to get the best out of National Inclusion Week 2021


Find out how your organisation can get the best out of National Inclusion Week 2021 by joining this FREE webinar, where you will find out more about the week itself and how you can use it to inspire and celebrate inclusion in your organisation.

Inclusion in hybrid environments


This webinar will guide employers on how to adapt to hybrid environments - where some of your employees work in the office and at home.

Supporting staff in abusive relationships


This webinar will teach you what domestic abuse is, how it affects different communities and how to respond to domestic abuse as an employer.

Inclusive Communications


This webinar will explore the theory behind Inclusive Communications and offer a rigorous approach to rethinking your marketing and comms – including employer brand and consumer brand.

Grief in the workplace


In this webinar we will show you how you can support employees through grief when they return to the workplace.

Menopause in the workplace


This webinar explains why and how employers can make the workplace more inclusive to people who experience menopause.

Bi-visibility in the Workplace


Bi Visibility Day takes place every 23rd September, and is aimed at combating the stigma and lack of representation the bi community faces. Join two of the Inclusive Employers team as they discuss identity, labels, invisibility and how organisations can make a difference.