• The Power of Connection & why it matters at McDonald’s
  • The ultimate guide to National Inclusion Week 2022
  • Bird's eye view of four colleagues sittging around a table - they are happy and engaged and reflect different cultural identities
    The Power of Identity – why it matters in the workplace
  • Two colleagues working at a laptop together - they are reading and making plans
    A quick guide to the National Inclusion Week Daily Actions
  • The background is three separate images of people, edited together. Over the top of them to the right of the image is a large teal green circle with the words #ThePowerOfNow in the middle, there is a red circle surrounding these words and then National Inclusion Week Inclusive Employers written on the outer edge
    10 top tips for National Inclusion Week 2022
  • National Inclusion Week: A 10 Year History
  • Green circle with the words 'National Inclusion Week Inclusive Employers' around the edge. In the middle the words #ThePowerOfNow are surrounded by a red circular line
    National Inclusion Week 2022: Theme announcement
  • A collection of logos to represent NIW 2022, including the NIW dates, Inclusive Employers logo and McDonalds golden arch M
    McDonald’s sponsors National Inclusion Week 2022
  • Cheryl recommending "Simone Breaks All The Rules" by Debbie Rigaud for National Inclusion Week
    Our National Inclusion Week 2021 media recommendations
  • Diverse group of people working on anti-racism strategy
    Infographic – Racism in the Workplace