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  • How to prepare for National Inclusion Week 2024
  • Logo reads: Inclusive Employers, National Inclusion Week, # Impact Matters
    Inclusive Employers announce the theme for National Inclusion Week 2024
  • A group of colleagues in a huddle together. The main view is of the backs of colleagues' heads across to 3 smiling female faces. The whole group looks happy and proud of their work
    National Inclusion Week 2023 – thank you for Taking Action and Making Impact
  • A diverse group of office workers running down the hall, one of them being pushed down the hall with an office chair
    How to keep the momentum going after National Inclusion Week
  • Diverse group of office workers doing a high five
    How we have empowered people to take action for inclusion by Warner Media
  • Diverse workforce sitting a talking
    How we engage employees in inclusion at Correla
  • A black feminine office worker writing on a note board. The National Inclusion Week logo floats in the corner.
    Take Action – Last minute ways to get involved in National Inclusion Week 2023
  • A diverse team smiling and reading up on the daily actions. The #TakeActionMakeImpact logo floats behind their computer.
    A guide to the National Inclusion Week 2023 Daily Actions
  • A diverse group of medical professionals having a discussion about inclusion in the workplace
    Why inclusion in the workplace is an essential part of our culture in the NHS
  • A diverse group of office workers sat around a computer, planning National inclusion Week
    Top tips for getting ready for National Inclusion Week 2023