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Inclusion Allies

Inclusion Allies support you to embed inclusion into every part of your organisation: they are your role models for inclusion and are key to embedding a truly inclusive culture. Inclusive Employers Inclusion Allies training supports you through every step of the way: recruiting your Inclusion Allies; delivering expert training and ongoing support for your Inclusion Allies cohort; and troubleshooting to ensure your Inclusion Allies are fully skilled. 

Inclusion Allies: What you will learn

The aims of Inclusive Employers Inclusion Allies training is for delegates to: 

  • Understand what makes an Inclusion Ally in relation to three key areas: values, behaviours and actions;
  • Explore privilege, circles of influence, and the boundaries of the role; 
  • Explore frameworks and techniques to challenge exclusion and have challenging conversations; 
  • Create an individual and group plan of action to make inclusion an everyday reality.

Inclusion Allies: Who will benefit

Our Inclusion Allies programme will benefit any workplace that wants to make inclusion an everyday reality. We have designed it to enable you to recruit, train and empower a group of Inclusion Allies who will advocate for inclusion across your organisation. 

An Inclusion Ally is a colleague who supports all colleagues, especially those that may be feeling excluded, marginalised, unwell, confused, lonely or vulnerable. Inclusion Allies don’t have to feel aligned to one particular group, protected characteristic or staff network: being an Inclusion Ally is the opportunity that we all have to show our support and feel supported.

Inclusion Allies: What is our approach?

A fun, engaging and thoughtful approach underpins all Inclusive Employers training and we ensure audience/delegate appropriate HR policy, legal and caselaw touchpoints are included. We focus on behaviour change and our training is packed with tips, techniques and practical take-aways. 

Our focus is on developing training that is hard wired to your organisation’s purpose, values and frameworks.

An example of the structure of an Inclusion Allies programme, delivered by our expert inclusion consultants, is:

  • Consultancy support, enabling you to define the role and advertise and recruit your Inclusion Allies; 
  • Two active and empowering half-day training sessions for your Inclusion Allies organised several weeks apart, with specific actions for Inclusion Allies to undertake between sessions;
  • Follow-up support in the form of facilitated workshops, surgeries or action learning groups to enable continuous development of your Inclusion Allies.

We have worked with many organisations of all sizes and sectors to run Inclusion Allies programmes. A 2021 survey of previous delegates found:

  • 90% reported that completing the programme supported them to be more inclusive at work
  • 76% agreed that completing the programme had changed their behaviour
  • 80% ranked themselves as confident or very confident to step in when they witness exclusion, compared to 25% feeling able to step in before the programme

Some examples of learning approaches for this topic are listed below and visit our digital and face-to-face training approach pages for more details.

Learning options:

  • Digital: eLearning modules, webinars, virtual learning space – at your own pace and time; 
  • Face-to-face: learning bursts to suit your schedules, half and full day training are some options.

To discuss how we can work together to deliver Inclusion Allies training within your organisation contact us via our quick enquiry form. We’re looking forward to working with you.