Compact Learning Packages

These are short bursts of inclusion learning that you, or line manager colleagues, can facilitate yourselves. Released monthly, you can take these packages to team meetings or for learning on the go: they are designed to embed further learning outside of the ‘classroom’.

What Are They

Each compact package will introduce an aspect of inclusion or understanding difference, provide some context and background, introduce a case study for discussion and conclude with a summary of learning points, behaviours and approaches. These sessions are practical and relatable: they are a simple way to support behaviour change.

Why They Work

  • They are designed to be embedded into daily working life;
  • They have real relevance to the work of the team;
  • They are given priority and time on a routine basis, enabling colleagues to learn together during the session and beyond;
  • They create opportunities for an ongoing conversations.

How They Work

The packages are applicable to all types of employees as they have been developed to allow delegates to contextualise the learning to fit with their own environment. Perfect for team meeting and groups up to 15.

Each package can be used as many times as required, bringing down cost per head radically.

Visit our Learning and Development page to find out about the diversity and inclusion subject areas we can explore together or get in touch to talk with our inclusion experts about your specific needs.