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Preparing for National Inclusion Week 2023

National Inclusion Week (Inclusion Week), is a fantastic opportunity to showcase, celebrate and progress your inclusion agenda.

Inclusive Employers, the founders and organisers of Inclusion Week will be hosting a series of events during the week itself, but it is also about organisations creating their own events that acknowledge and inspire their own inclusion agendas and journeys.

This guide is designed to support you to:

  • Prepare and plan for an effective National Inclusion Week.
  • Communicate your National Inclusion Week plans effectively, internally and externally.
  • Have a great week during National Inclusion Week itself.
  • Follow up from your National Inclusion Week events effectively, so your efforts from the week are integrated into your inclusion work throughout the year.

1. Prepare and plan

Identify a National Inclusion Week project lead

Identify a National Inclusion Week project lead and team to design and implement your activity. Consider who will be in your team and how you can involve different parts of the organisation; HR, staff networks, leadership teams, procurement, communications. It’s important to ensure your team includes a diverse range of thought and experience.

This is an opportunity to encourage action from across your organisation with a shared focus on inclusion like never before.

Focus on your inclusion objectives

Consider how National Inclusion Week can support you to progress your inclusion objectives.

  • What are the inclusion and diversity priorities in your organisation?
  • How can you use the National Inclusion Week 2023 theme, #TakeActionMakeImpact, to shine a light on these areas?

You can find out more about the theme  ‘National Inclusion Week 2023 theme overview’.

Plan according to progress

When planning your programme of activity, remember where your organisation is on its inclusion journey. Develop your plans to reflect, support and progress where you are currently at.

For example, if you are starting out, you may want to keep things simple, introducing people to and creating understanding of some of the concepts around inclusion.

Staff networks

Involve your staff networks, Inclusion groups or forums. Talk to them about what events and themes would be appropriate to focus on? Give them responsibility for running events as appropriate.

Key leaders

Encourage key senior leaders to attend internal and external National Inclusion Week events. This sends your colleagues and external partners a positive message about your commitment to inclusion. Attendance and involvement in these events can provide valuable learning opportunities for all involved.

National Inclusion Week Daily Actions

Use the Inclusive Employers National Inclusion Week Daily Actions as a guide and inspiration for your own events. In the toolkit resource ‘National Inclusion Week 2023 Daily Actions’ and National Inclusion Week Daily Actions Overview’ you can find a whole host of daily action resources that provide guidance and ideas on activity for each day of National Inclusion Week.

Delivery methods

Consider the delivery methods that will be most effective for your events and activities.

A combination of platforms may help you engage with more people. For example, webinars, virtual get-togethers with breakouts, physical events, online activities through your intranet, newsletters and social media channels.

Hosting events and activities

Consider when you choose to host your events and activities. Think about what time/days are suitable for as many people as possible. Consider running events at different times on different days to allow for those who start late/finish early, work part time, etc.

National Inclusion Week events

Book your place on National Inclusion Week events hosted by Inclusive Employers.

There will be a series of events before and during National Inclusion Week highlighting various inclusion topics, including events related to the Daily Actions. As you have registered for National Inclusion Week, these are free to attend, so take advantage of all that National Inclusion Week has to offer!

Plan and get approval

When you have considered all of the above, make sure you plan your programme of events and get approval of it in advance. This will give you the opportunity to engage with as many people as possible before and during National Inclusion Week.

Make sure everyone involved in your National Inclusion Week plans are available and has booked time out of their diaries.

Make sure budgets are secured and signed off and any technology or space that is need is booked in advance.

2. Create a communications plan


Work closely with your communications and marketing team – you may have already involved them in your project team. They can support you to generate excitement and engagement with National Inclusion Week across the organisation, so it’s important to involve them early on.


Consider what channels you can use to communicate most effectively with the different parts of your organisation. Email, posters, intranet, Teams, Yammer, and other internal platforms. Develop a communications plan to keep everyone updated with your National Inclusion Week activity.


Prepare your communications and get approval on them ahead of time so they’re ready to go when you need to send them.

External communications

Consider how you can communicate your National Inclusion Week activity externally. Thousands of organisations will be using Take Action Make Impact to communicate their National Inclusion Week 2023 plans beyond their own organisation. In the National Inclusion Week toolkit, there are some social media graphics and tools to utilise. Find these in the Images and Logos section of this year’s NIW toolkit.

Remember to follow our dedicated National Inclusion Week on Facebook and Instagram. Use the hashtag #TakeActionMakeImpact, #NationalInclusionWeek2023. You can also tag @InclusiveEmployers on LinkedIn and @IncEmp on Twitter.

Social Media

Develop a social media plan to share your National Inclusion Week activities before and during the week.

Follow our dedicated National Inclusion Week on Facebook and Instagram. Use the hashtag #TakeActionMakeImpact, #NationalInclusionWeek2023. You can also tag @InclusiveEmployers on LinkedIn and @IncEmp on Twitter.

Tag us in all your National Inclusion Week social media activity so we can share your participation too!

Share your National Inclusion Week events on social media using the hashtags #TakeActionMakeImpact and #NationalInclusionWeek2023

3. During National Inclusion Week

Capture activity

Capture stories, photos and experiences of your colleagues engaging with your own activities and the Inclusive Employers National Inclusion Week Daily Actions and event programme.

Maximise this opportunity to involve and engage a wider network of new colleagues with your inclusion agenda during National Inclusion Week and beyond.


Share your National Inclusion Week events on social media using the hashtags #TakeActionMakeImpact and #NationalInclusionWeek2023 and by tagging @InclusiveEmployers on LinkedIn and @IncEmp on Twitter – take photos of events and activity during the week and use these to highlight your celebrations of inclusion during National Inclusion Week. Please share and follow our dedicated National Inclusion Week on Facebook and Instagram pages too!


Track the number of people attending your webinars and other events so that the reach of your activities can be evaluated. Include diversity data as appropriate.

Daily actions

Take part in the National Inclusion Week Daily Actions and share your involvement on FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn and Twitter using #TakeActionMakeImpact, #NationalInclusionWeek2023. Don’t forget to tag us too!


Engage with Inclusive Employers to maximise the effectiveness of your National Inclusion Week campaign.

Inclusive Employers Members can contact their account manager to discuss. If you’re not a Member, you can find out more here.

Don’t forget to enjoy National Inclusion Week and ensure that as many people in your organisation are engaged and excited to participate!

4. After National Inclusion Week


Celebrate everything you have achieved during National Inclusion Week! Acknowledge all the support, participation and commitment that you received internally and externally.


Communicate the achievements of the week internally and externally. Consider a round-up of the key highlights from the week, sharing pictures and quotes from those involved.

The bigger picture

Consider how this week has helped you bring to life or progress your inclusion agenda. How can you use the momentum developed during the week to continue this progress throughout the year? Help your employees understand the bigger picture, that this isn’t just important for one week of the year.

Embedding inclusion

Use the Daily Action: Embedding Inclusion to commit to what you want to work on for the next 12 months, and think about how to make inclusion an everyday reality for everyone in your organisation.

You can share this plan in the following days/weeks after National Inclusion Week 2023 with your colleagues, teams, and departments as an individual or make a whole organisation pledge and share this internally and externally.

Inclusion strategy

Incorporate National Inclusion Week into your inclusion strategy and use your involvement as a milestone for your inclusion agenda. What have you learnt, and where would you like to be next year? It is an excellent opportunity to reflect on 12 months of progress and plan for the next 12 months of action.


Talk to your project team and colleagues who attended events. Get their feedback on the successes and challenges of National Inclusion Week so you can incorporate this into your planning for next year. Make sure to communicate any changes or improvements resulting from their feedback so they know it has been listened to.

Keep in touch

Keep in touch with Inclusive Employers via our social media channels (@InclusiveEmployers on LinkedIn and @IncEmp on Twitter) and newsletter so you can be the first to hear about our National Inclusion Week 2024 plans!

Keep taking action on inclusion…

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