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What is National Inclusion Week and why is it important to take part?

Eleven years ago, we, at Inclusive Employers, launched National Inclusion Week. It started as a small event, encouraging members to highlight and engage with inclusion in their workplaces. Now, it has exponentially grown to reaching thousands of organisations (and millions on social media)! We have seen in real time how small seeds can grow to great trees and this is our hope every year for National Inclusion Week, that organisations old and new can make inclusion an everyday reality by planting a small seed.

National Inclusion Week is a great time for focusing on and demonstrating your commitment to inclusion to all those who work in your organisation, but also to clients and stakeholders. It provides a space and a starting point for discussions around inclusion and diversity in your organisation and can be used to generate or launch ideas.

National Inclusion Week is also a time for everyone in the organisation to get involved in I&D! Leaders, managers, teams and individuals can take part, take actions and make impact in their organisation.

Every year, we celebrate NIW with a theme. The theme aims to provide a focus for the week that we think will support your overall Inclusion and Diversity agenda. This means the theme usually reflects what we think organisations need to be thinking about and what organisations have been asking us for support with. This could be looking at unity, action, the power of now and much more and we hope that the theme answers some burning questions, or provides some clarity around issues you are already thinking about.

National Inclusion Week 2023 Theme

This year, we are excited to announce our new theme for National Inclusion Week is….

‘Take Action Make Impact’  #TakeActionMakeImpact

NIW 2023 theme background

This year’s theme was inspired by some of the momentum of the theme from NIW 2022; ‘Time to Act: The Power of Now’ and the concept of wanting to create more awareness around the impact of our actions.

Our 2022 theme centred around encouraging immediate action – not next year, or in six months, or next month, but now. This is an ever-continuing process. Necessary action to be a more inclusive workplace will be a constant and consistent ongoing process, it is never ‘one and done’, so we wanted to include something in the theme this year that reinforced this while also encouraging organisations to think beyond action.

Action should not be taken without thought for the impact, and action is meaningless without a tangible, visible, positive impact on those who are marginalised most. We are all ultimately working towards this and what lies at the heart of inclusion and diversity work – ensuring those in our workplaces feel safe, more included and can bring their best and authentic selves to the workplace without fear. Organisations benefit greatly from this because when people feel safe and confident, they can work to the best of their abilities.

2023’s theme, Take Action Make Impact is then a call to action for all in the organisation, from leaders to I&D professionals to teams and individuals. A powerful message which aims to get organisations and individuals thinking about what actions they can take and what impacts these actions could and should have for marginalised people in your workplaces.

Take a read about the history of National Inclusion Week.

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Diverse group of people, with a black feminine presenting person shaking hands with a white feminine presenting person

How does this apply to our individual actions and organisations?

The key to using the theme Take Action Make Impact to inform your workplace inclusion progress this year is to think about strategy. This could be at an organisational, team or individual level. When taking action, think about what and why and ask yourself some questions:

  • What impact do you think these actions are going to produce?
  • Why do you think that?
  • Who will benefit from these actions?
  • Are there any unintended consequences?
  • Is this a fully inclusive approach?
  • Is this approach intersectional?
  • How can we measure/know the impact?
  • Have I consulted with those needing this action/support to determine their thoughts?

For example, if you’d like to make your workplace more inclusive for your LGBTQ+ colleagues, could starting an LGBTQ+ staff network be an option? As an individual, could you highlight LGBTQ+ awareness days or advocate and ally for your colleagues on an issue?

Being mindful and thinking through your strategy with the questions above will provide you with some insight and inform more about what your actions should be and what the resulting impact will be so that you can make the most inclusive decision.

National Inclusion Week 2023 and Jewish colleagues

National Inclusion Week this year takes place during two Jewish events – Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Yom Kippur begins at sundown on the 24th September and is the day of atonement, where many Jews will be fasting for 25 hours and attending Synagogue services all day. Ensure that Jewish staff are given time to take part in Yom Kippur and perhaps include some messaging around it as part of your National Inclusion Week activities.

On Friday, the Jewish festival of Sukkot begins, which is a joyous occasion! The festival of Sukkot is an autumnal harvest festival and commemorates the wandering in the desert by the Israelites for 40 years before reaching the Ancient Land of Israel. Sukkot observances vary, but some staff may be building a ‘Sukkah’ in their garden, eating ceremonial foods and attending Synagogue services. You should ensure Jewish staff are given time off to celebrate the festival if they wish and work with them to think about the different ways you can mark the festival and celebrate with them.

Where can I find out more information?

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Thrive with inclusion experts by your side

Over 450 organisations have chosen us to be their Inclusion and Diversity partner. We provide expert bespoke workplace inclusion advice and practical impactful support, across all industries.

Join us and make inclusion an everyday reality.

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