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The "glue" of inclusion becomes even more critical at times of uncertainty. The impact, or potential impact, of COVID-19 can understandably impact learning plans and engagement within your organisation.

In these unprecedented times, we can support you to keep your inclusion learning momentum, engaging and supporting colleagues, providing as much ‘normality’ as possible. Learning is continuous and we’ve quickly and successfully adapted our learning offer with a view to supporting business as usual, viewing learning through an ‘inclusion lens’ and maintaining a real sense of being an inclusive employer.

Our adapted learning models to support agile inclusion learning

  • Virtual learning – we’re able to offer impactful, interactive, group learning space online. Using Zoom technology, we can bring you together, face-to-face with an Inclusive Employers facilitator exploring inclusion themes through live discussion, social polling, video content and resources. We can apply this method to long-running programmes, modular learning or ad-hoc training requirements you may have
  • Webinars - a series of webinars that allow employers to maintain learning and awareness - book your place on our events page here or email us at to find out about an exclusive package of webinars for your colleagues
  • eLearning – we can work with you to either storyboard and/or build your inclusion eLearning content – a great way to reach colleagues and maintain that continuous learning
  • Inclusivi-teas – grab a cup of tea (or any drink of your choosing!) and join us twice a week in live ‘unscripted’ discussion to share inclusion themes, experiences, ideas and how we can continue to support each other, a great way of joining like minds and keeping communication lines open, if working at home or in isolation.

The range of learning we can offer (but not limited to) includes

  • Making Inclusion an Everyday Reality
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusion
  • Inclusion Allies
  • Inclusive Recruitment
  • Neurodiversity in the Workplace
  • Inclusion for Commercial Success
  • Banter - Balancing Wit and Wisdom
  • Diversity Champions
  • Unconscious Bias in Decision Making
  • Embedding Equality Analysis
  • Understanding Diversity Data
  • Inclusive Communications
  • Introduction to Inclusion
  • Introverts and Extroverts

Contact us at to find out more or to discuss your bespoke learning needs.

CMI Accredited Level 4 and 6 Qualifications:

We’re continuing our offer of Level 4 and Level 6 CMI Accredited qualification courses via virtual learning space. Courses are available for up to 8 participants* to ensure interactive, impactful and engaged learning.

You can:

  • Join three lively and engaging 90-minute sessions (for a total of four and a half hours of online learning per day)
  • Join our supplemented webinars following the virtual sessions, covering essential learning criteria and the opportunity for peer sharing experience
  • Tap in to further interactive opportunities in dedicated group discussion time to focus on topics chosen by you!
  • Enjoy ongoing support and feedback throughout your qualification with our dedicated Inclusion and Diversity Consultant.

If you have any questions, whether you’re an existing delegate or you’re interested in the above, please contact us at

* Participants already enrolled onto courses throughout 2020 will get priority to choose dates to suit needs

  • Lunch and Learn Workshops

    All of our inclusion workshops can take on the ‘lunch and learn’ or ‘bite-size learning’ format. These sessions are available to all organisations and can last up to two hours. They take place on your premises or via live virtual learning and are available for 12- 20 delegates.