Through the eyes of a CMI student

Two of our learners share their experiences of our Level 4 and Level 6 CMI courses. Learn why they chose Inclusive Employers as their course provider and how their inclusion career has benefited from this accredited qualification.

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Inclusive Employers CMI accreditations include Level 4, Level 5 Bitesize and Level 6. First we hear about the experience of a Level 4 student.

CMI Level 4: Promoting equality and diversity

The Level 4 accreditation is designed to support people at the beginning of their I&D career or for those who are keen to learn more about the importance of these areas in the workplace. Florencia Santana, Equality and Inclusion Learning and Development manager, Hampshire Police, shares her experience of participating in this course.

What were your motivations for taking an I&D qualification?

I have always been very passionate about equality and inclusion and had a lot of practical knowledge and experience in the subject. 

Working on board cruise ships gave me the exposure to living, working and learning from a very multicultural audience. I managed the design and delivery of creative learning solutions, including equality and inclusion, which supported multicultural audiences. 

I wanted to take a qualification to increase my knowledge in E&I and also obtain something that would formalise my achievement.

Why did you chose to study with Inclusive Employers?

Working as part of Hampshire Constabulary, members of Inclusive Employers, I had the chance to attend several of their webinars and work with their consultants who demonstrate commitment and passion for inclusion. 

I also appreciated that the Inclusive Employers qualification includes two delivery days.

How did you sign up for the course?

The sign up process was very simple and because the two delivery days were on MS Teams I could complete it without any logistical challenges.

What was your experience of being a student?

This course has given me the confidence to continue to be an inclusion ally.

The tutor was very knowledgeable and supportive.  The sessions involved many great discussions, which made them very interesting.

The qualification met my expectation and confirmed my knowledge and experience in E&I.  I am looking forward to completing a Level 5 or 6 to stretch myself a bit more and continue my professional education.

How has the course changed your knowledge of I&D?

This course helped me enhance my knowledge in inclusion through interesting discussions during the facilitation days, which allowed us to hear different points of view in a safe environment.   

It also helped me better understand my organisation’s policies and procedures, by doing the research needed to complete the assignment.

CMI Level 6: Leading equality and diversity

The Level 6 award is focused on leadership and is designed for people working in strategic roles and in those with power to influence organisational change. Natalie Desty, STEM Returners Founder, shares her experience of completing the Level 6 qualification.

What were your motivations for undertaking an I&D qualification?

I already work in the D&I space within STEM and wanted to ensure that my knowledge was updated and as whole as possible. I also felt that having a professional qualification would help demonstrate my commitment and expertise to clients.

Why did you chose to study with Inclusive Employers?

Inclusive Employers was recommended to me by a client who was undertaking the course already. Having looked at the content it covered everything and more that I wanted to learn or refresh upon and some new areas as well.

How did you sign up for the course?

It was really simple. I contacted Inclusive Employers through the website and got sent the course material, I then had to decide which level I wanted to go for and booked myself on the next available slot.

What was your experience of being a student?

The lessons and material provided by Inclusive Employers were comprehensive, as well as providing a cohort of other people on the course to share experiences and viewpoints. The learning was all online which took much less time out of a working week, which also worked well for me.

The coursework was fairly time consuming because it involved research and a written response, however the majority of the time you were able to draw on your own experiences to demonstrate your answers.

The only challenge really was carving out time to sit down and get the course work completed, ideally not too far away from the training so the content was still fresh. I found it completely manageable and the written work was great to cement my understanding of what I had learnt.

The tutors were excellent and the course content was well delivered. The online meetings were kept well to time without encroaching on the cohorts ability to share experiences and ask questions.

The feedback provided on the course work was excellent. I found everyone very approachable and supportive.

The course has exceeded my expectations. I learnt lots but also really benefited from the group’s shared experience, which I hadn’t expected before the course started.

How has the course benefited your I&D career?

I feel that the qualification professionalises what I am out there talking about. It has given me a more robust understanding and also some practical solutions to challenges that I have encountered, as well as best practice and strategies that have worked well in other organisations.

I have since put two of my colleagues on the course to ensure that as an organisation we are at the forefront of I&D.

How has the course changed your knowledge of inclusion and diversity?

It has increased and strengthened my knowledge and given me a different viewpoint on my understanding of I&D. It also allowed me to judge my own experiences by I&D best practice, which has developed my understanding and ability to shape change within my own industry.

Thank you to both our interviewees for sharing their experience of being a CMI student.

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