Introducing bitesize CMI inclusion and diversity qualifications

Inclusive Employers are expanding our offering of CMI accredited inclusion and diversity qualifications.

The first addition to our existing Level 4 and Level 6 course is a Level 5 Bitesize course.

We want to create opportunities for inclusion to be understood and embedded across all areas of your workplace, and for the responsibility to be shared and understood beyond I&D roles and teams.

This is why we have created the CMI accredited Level 5 Bitesize course. It is designed for middle management to improve their understanding of I&D. The bitesize nature of the course means the learning process is time efficient and can flex with your or your employees schedule.

Steven Copsey, CMI Qualification Lead and Senior Inclusion and Diversity Consultant, explains more.

Why we are expanding our I&D qualifications

We have seen a marked increase in demand for Inclusion and Diversity professionals across all sectors and an increase in people interested in obtaining qualifications, over the last few years.

Our Chartered Management Institute Qualifications have gone from strength to strength: in 2021 over 130 students began their I&D qualification journey with us; in comparison to 2018, the second year of qualifications, when 16 students undertook the qualifications.  

Over the last couple of years, we have moved the courses online. Delivery via Zoom has made the courses more accessible and inclusive too. Students no longer need to make a physical journey to London (or Leeds) and you no longer have to fork out extra cash for a train ticket and overnight stay.

Not only is there an increasing demand for I&D professionals but there is a need for managers and leaders working across organisations to understand and be able to embed I&D into their day to day work. With this in mind we’ve had a look at our offering and see how we can make our CMI qualifications suitable for managers whatever their area of operation.

Our current I&D qualifications

Currently, we have two options of inclusion and diversity qualifications to choose from. Learn more on each one, below.

The Level 4 Award

The Level 4 is aimed at champions/network leads and requires two full days of live online learning and the completion of a 4,000-word assignment.

The Level 6 Certificate

The Level 6 Certificate is aimed at those in more strategic positions. The modules cover Leading EDI, Organisational Culture and Coaching Skills for Leaders, over six full days of online learning and the completion of three 4,000-word assignments.

Whichever course you’re interested in, that’s a lot of time for you and your employer to commit to.

Introducing the Bitesize Level 5 qualification

We are very excited to be introducing the new Bitesize Level 5 qualification. This is one of our most flexible qualifications that has three modules.

Take a look below at what you’ll learn and how to get involved.

What will I learn?

The Bitesize Level 5 qualification is designed for people working in middle management. It’s an opportunity for people who don’t specialise in I&D to learn how important it is across all aspects of an organisation. The bitesize nature of the course means that learners are not required to submit 4,000-word assignments, there are no live sessions and deadlines and timeframes are much more flexible.

Instead, there are three online modules to work through and at the end of each one you’re required to complete a reflective statement on your learning.

The three modules are:

  • EDI – Legal & Organisational Approaches
  • EDI – Roles and Responsibilities of a Manager
  • EDI – Develop and Implement Plans and Reports

How will I learn?

Once you’ve started studying a module, you’ll have three months to complete it. Each module will likely take no more than 90 minutes to work through online, and you can stop and start this over the course of the three months.

Once you’ve completed your learning and submitted your reflective statement, you’ll receive a Certificate of Recognition. You’ll receive one of these for each module.

You can take up to three months to complete each module, so if needed the course could take up to nine months.

Once you’ve completed all three modules and received all three certificates, you’ll obtain Foundation Chartered Manager Status.

Why should I take the bitesize qualification?

One of the key advantages of this bitesize qualification is that it allows flexibility for you and your managers’ schedules.

For example, you could take your time and spend three months on each module, obtaining Foundation Chartered Manager Status in nine months. Or you could sign up to all three at once and complete them in a matter of weeks.

How to express your interest in the Bitesize Level 5 qualification

Are you an individual wanting to upskill yourself quickly? Or, an employer looking to put hundreds of managers through a recognised qualification?

We would love to hear from you. Please express your interest here and you will also be kept up to date with details of when these courses launch.