The benefits of our Inclusion & Diversity CMI courses

Inclusion qualifications, also known as equality and diversity qualifications, have numerous benefits and the potential to shape and influence change.

Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of our courses at all levels, the impact they can have, and why you should consider them.

Why were the courses created?

At Inclusive Employers, we’ve seen many colleagues and clients naturally progress into inclusion and diversity roles through HR, recruitment and L&D, but just as often people tend to do inclusion and diversity, “off the side of their desk.”

No matter the career path, we’ve always heard the same questions: How do I progress my career in inclusion and diversity? What sort of qualifications do I need? How can I prove I can do what I do?

This is why we worked together with CMI to create effective inclusion and diversity qualification courses for every level.

The benefits of our CMI courses

As we’ve explained before, there are lots of advantages to participating in our CMI inclusion and diversity courses.

Here are a few of the courses’ advantages:

It could be the first step of your career

If you’re just starting to think about a career in inclusion and diversity, or if you want to turn your passion into a job, our CMI inclusion and diversity qualifications can help.

Our level 4 course, in particular, is an excellent way to kickstart your inclusion career and gain insight into influencing and making a difference.

It will take you to the next level

Perhaps you are already an inclusion and diversity professional who hopes to advance or have more influence in another senior position. Our Level 6 course is a great option for this and can help you with strategy and culture change.

Having a CMI inclusion and diversity qualification will set you apart from the crowd and impress those who are hiring or considering promotions.

You can gain lots of knowledge

Our courses were developed with expert knowledge and are taught by industry leaders in inclusion and diversity.

The amount of knowledge you’ll take away with you, as well as new ways of thinking and a new perspective, will be a huge benefit.

You’ll be able to share new things

Once you’ve learned new things and expanded your knowledge through our courses, you’ll be able to share it with others, whether it’s with people in your organisation or with a friend or family member.

Gain help with influencing your organisation

Depending on the course you choose, you will be prepared to influence change on a variety of levels within your organisation.

You are equipped with the latest knowledge

Our courses were designed with the most up-to-date inclusion and diversity knowledge and skills in mind. As previously stated, the training will be delivered by industry experts who are constantly up to date with the most recent information.

It gives you the chance to network and meet new people in the industry

All of our CMI courses provide excellent opportunities for networking and meeting new people in the inclusion and diversity industry. When it comes to inclusion, it’s always beneficial to speak with others who share your values.

You’ll have a huge amount of support

Our team will assist you regardless of the level of course you choose. The guidance you receive will improve your study and learning experience, and you will never be afraid to ask questions.

We can still assist you if you have a hectic schedule. We have a Level 5 Bitesize inclusion qualification that was designed to help those who are busy and is adaptable to individual needs.

Inclusive Employers are experts in the inclusion and diversity industry

You may already know this if you are a member, but we at Inclusive Employers are experts on inclusion and diversity.

We can provide you with the best inclusion and diversity certification possible due to our expert knowledge, delivery skills, and insight.

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