• Turning up the volume on your I&D voice: Challenging resistance to I&D progress

    In your organisation there may be a whole I&D team, one I&D manager, or simply passionate individuals who care. In all cases, there can be a lot of work to get done around I&D and there can be resistance to I&D progress. This means it can be hard to be heard, to stand your ground, to access budget or to enable as much change as you’d like to see. In this webinar, we will look at the challenges you may face and how to make yourself heard!

  • Positive Action in Recruitment

    Positive Action is a great opportunity to make your organisation more diverse, more inclusive, more fair and more representative of the service users or customers of your organisation. Engaging in positive action activities means you are making space for others who face marginalisation and significant barriers. Positive Action does not only occur in recruitment, but in this webinar, we will address how to put positive action into practice when seeking new employees.

  • Avoiding Performative I&D in 2023

    In the last few years, we have seen organisations applying performative I&D, doing what they think looks good without the follow through to ensure they are doing the work to be truly inclusive organisations. We see outrage from the public on social media and organisations being ‘cancelled’. This happens because people can see when an organisation isn’t being authentic and ensuring they work by the principles they promote.

    In this webinar we will address the issue of performative I&D, how it happens, what the impacts are and how to avoid it

  • Global Staff Networks

    Staff networks operating in global and multinational organisations have a fantastic opportunity to make an impact not only in their local markets, but also in colleagues from across the globe. There are also challenges to be considered: how do you engage and inspire people in countries with extremely different cultures, sensitivities, understandings of inclusion, not to mention legislation?

  • The Inclusive Employers Standard

    The Inclusive Employers Standard (IES) is an accreditation tool that measures how inclusive your entire organisation is for all employees. In this webinar we will introduce you to the IES, what it measures – the six pillars of inclusion and how it works. We will also talk about why it is important to measure and why your organisation should take part.

  • Inclusive Recruitment

    In this webinar we will cover the recruitment lifecycle discussing where the potential pitfalls are which may exclude (intentionally and unintentionally) diverse candidates from becoming employees. We will cover what barriers are faced by diverse groups of people in the recruitment process and what changes organisations can make to recruitment practices to be inclusive.  

  • A map of the world, with the land in gold, on a blank white wall with a desk in front of it
    Global Strategies

    This session will explore the inclusion challenges and opportunities faced by global organisations. Employees can be separated by thousands of miles and spread across several time zones, which in itself is tricky, but to grow inclusion across cultural and legal differences presents particular challenges.

  • Inclusive Leadership Conversations

    This webinar will look at the behaviours leaders can demonstrate everyday and the impact these can have on their colleagues and their organisations and give you some tools to help you reflect on your own leadership style.  We will think about kind leadership and what that means in terms of managing and supporting colleagues and ultimately creating a high performing and inclusive environment.