Reports and research

We've all got a lot to learn when we get together to discuss issues surrounding inclusion, diversity and equality and share best practice.
If you missed an event or were able to attend, but didn't take as many notes as you would have liked, you'll find reports and summaries of Inclusive Employers Think-Ins and other events here.
  • Does talking ’queer’ head us straight to silence?

    How often do you hear people define themselves as “Queer”? I don't define myself as queer, but do live life absorbed in queer culture and queer theory.

  • Building Carer Friendly Communities Report

    A Research Report by Carers Week which examines how easily carers were able to maintain or balance certain aspects of their life with their caring role.

  • Creating an Enabling Future for Carers in the Workplace

    A 2016 research report by the CIPD which explores how organisations can better support/empower working carers and avoid the often unnecessary waste of talent to corporate life when they feel unable to continue to juggle their caring and work responsibilities.

  • Walking the tightrope: caring and employment report

    A 2016 report by Age UK and Carers UK which examines the challenges and barriers facing carers
    aged 50+ as they attempt to juggle their caring responsibilities with work, as well as some of the potential solutions.