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Infographic – Racism in the Workplace

We may not want to believe that racism still exists in the workplace or society. This infographic takes a look at racism in UK workplaces and highlights why we need to act now to make positive change.

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Black and ethnic minority people are still not proportionally represented in the workplace. We’re still seeing CEOs blaming a lack of diverse talent in the pipeline, rather than a commitment to understanding why attraction and retention processes are failing. Employees are reporting that they have received unfair treatment because of their race. Unemployment figures are much higher amount black and ethnic minority groups. We know from research that diverse teams make businesses more successful in every way – but we have yet to see this insight turned into action.

The global discourse has changed following a number of widely publicised incidents both in the UK and the US – from the murder of George Floyd (and so many others) to our own MPs being stopped for ‘driving while black’ to the incessant racist abuse faced by many Black and ethnic minority people in the spotlight.  We have finally begun to see real engagement in the anti-racism movement, and a new commitment to standing against societal, structural and systemic racism. 

Now is the time for all of us to take real action to build and embed anti-racist cultures in the workplace.

Find out more about Inclusive Employers’ anti-racism toolkit, ‘Building anti-racist cultures: a toolkit for your workplace’. Our 162-page toolkit is a practical resource designed to support organisations to combat racism in the workplace and includes a series of ‘how to’ guides.