Podcast: Inclusion's Evolution | Inclusive Employers

Podcast: Inclusion’s Evolution: Past Reflections, Future Readiness

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In this podcast episode, Addison Barnett, Director of Impact at Inclusive Employers and Maddie Wollerton Blanks, Director of Business Consulting at Grant Thornton, explore the dynamic shift in inclusion and diversity strategies over the past five years!

In this insightful conversation, they delve into businesses’ transformative journey, from acknowledging the importance of inclusion to recognising it as a fundamental aspect of their strategic objectives.

Join us as we discuss the growing recognition of lived experiences, where passionate employees gain support and sponsorship to drive forward the inclusion and diversity (I&D) agenda. However, amidst these positive changes, challenges persist, especially in adequately supporting line managers who are pivotal in embedding inclusive practices.

They also explore the ongoing struggle in quantifying the return on investment (ROI) for such initiatives, highlighting the need for better data literacy and measurement tools. Moreover, the conversation around race and ethnicity has seen significant changes post-2020, with organisations committing to anti-racist initiatives, although sustaining momentum remains a challenge.

Tune in as they navigate the progress made, the hurdles faced, and the imperative of continuous improvement in the realm of I&D.

This episode offers a candid reflection on the journey and the ongoing quest for meaningful change in organisational cultures.

A transcript of this podcast is available here.