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Inclusion Learnings From Covid – One Year On


One year on from when the UK first went into a national lockdown, we will look back – and forward – on what the key inclusion learnings from this experience has been. We will look at what has changed in the work landscape since then, how people and organisations have and continue to adapt as a result of COVID-19.

Socio-Economic Mobility


Tuesday 16th March, 12:00 – 13:00 Webinar Overview Socio-economic background has a substantial effect on workplace inclusion. It is not protected under the Equality Act 2010, but does intersect with protected characteristics, which is why it is essential it is included in all inclusion and diversity strategies. Inclusive Employers Understanding Socio-Economic Mobility training explores how...

Tackling Trans Inclusion Further Than ‘Trans 101’


During 2020 the UK’s transgender and non-binary community faced growing hostility in the Press and in public. Trans people continue to face discrimination and exclusion at work, with many underemployed for their level of skill and experience or unable to safely be themselves. Thankfully, there are actions you can take to make your workplace a safer, more welcoming place for trans people. This webinar is about moving beyond simple awareness and into action.

Autism Awareness


This webinar is aimed at raising Autism awareness and necessary considerations employees should take to hire and support autistic talent.

Intersectionality in the Workplace


Join our webinar co-hosted with Professor Patricia MacComack, Anglia Ruskin University, to learn more about the fundamentals of intersectional theory, but more importantly how to apply these concept/ideas in a practical way to enhance your inclusion programmes and activities.

Inclusive line manager conversations


Every interaction between a manager and a colleague is an opportunity to build a culture of conversations. This webinar is designed to give you some hints and tips for developing a culture of conversations in your organisation.

D/deaf Awareness


This webinar is aimed to increase our understanding and awareness of deafness and to support those in our organisation who are D/deaf or hard of hearing.

Managing stress and worry


This webinar will take a look at practical tools in understanding where Stress and Worry comes from and how to focus on managing it in the long term.

Neurodiversity in the workplace


This webinar will explore Neurodiversity and how it presents a competitive advantage in the workplace, suggesting top tips to champion inclusion by design for neurodiverse employees.