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Investing in Inclusion

This webinar will explore how we measure the return in investment (ROI) of inclusion, and how you can start capturing this vital impact data.

Faith: an anchor in uncertain times

This webinar highlights the importance of faith for some employees, why it is important to understand their beliefs and how to improve faith inclusion in your workplace.

Men’s mental health and well-being

Our Blue Monday webinar focusses on men's mental health and the workplace. Explore the intersectional issues surrounding men’s mental health and well-being and how to create a supportive culture.

Holocaust Memorial Day

In this webinar we will raise awareness about Holocaust Memorial Day. We will consider how employers can actively role model unity and inclusion.

The Inclusive Employers Standard


Join this webinar to learn more about the Inclusive Employers Standard, our accreditation tool for measuring how inclusive your organisation is.

History/Herstory/Theirstory and LGBT+ rights


What are LGBT+ Rights and who do we have to thank for all the incredible progress with the LGBT+ movement? Join our webinar for the answers to these questions and more.

Trans Inclusion


What is trans inclusion and how can we make the workplace better for our trans colleagues? Join this webinar to identify barriers to the inclusion of trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming colleagues and overcome them.

Putting a Stop to Micro-aggressions and Banter


How can we put a stop to exclusionary behaviours such as micro-aggressions and banter in the workplace? Join this webinar to find out how to build a more inclusive workplace.