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The reality of Inclusion and Diversity in 2021 – Panel Q&A


Join our amazing panel for a Q&A session on the key topics in the world of inclusion right now. Expect discussion on race and anti-racism, trans inclusion, the impact of Covid-19 and gender in the wake of the death of Sarah Everard.

Managing change inclusively


Organisations now find themselves having to prepare for change not on a quarterly or annual basis, but on a monthly or even weekly basis. It is essential that businesses keep inclusion in mind when changes are being planned out, whether it is about strategy, ways of working or the environment. As part of this webinar, we will explore inclusion considerations to take in mind as you embark on a period of change.

Neurodiversity in the workplace


This webinar will explore Neurodiversity and how it presents a competitive advantage in the workplace, suggesting top tips to champion inclusion by design for neurodiverse employees.

Staff Network Leads – Best Practice


Staff Networks have been invaluable over the last 12 months, but how do we keep the momentum moving?

But how do you generate a vision for the network based on your organisation’s values and direction of travel?

How can you develop action plans for the network, outlining key objectives, stakeholders, responsible network members and measures for success? This webinar will show you how.

Inclusive Leadership


This webinar will explore the behaviours of an inclusive leader, the models that can underpin an approach to inclusive leadership and the concept of authenticity in leadership.