Introduction to mental health

Our Introduction to Mental Health training creates the opportunity to get thinking, talking and learning about mental health in your organisation. It enables you to learn more about common mental health issues and how you can effectively support them.

Introduction to mental health: why you need it

1 in 4 of us will be diagnosed with a mental illness during our lifetime and many more will have undiagnosed mental health problems. Research shows that employees are often reluctant to take time off work for these problems, partly due to the ongoing stigma associated with mental illness. This presenteeism is likely to affect an employee’s productivity, therefore, making them miss deadlines, decrease motivation and increase the number of mistakes. This is a real business risk.

Introduction to mental health: what you will learn

  • What mental ill-health is and what we need to be mentally healthy;
  • Societal attitudes and the law in relation to mental health;
  • Different types of mental health conditions and their key characteristics;
  • Managing mental ill-health;
  • Supporting mental health at work.

Introduction to mental health: who will benefit

  • Managers
  • Inclusion and Diversity Specialists

Introduction to mental health: what is our approach

A fun, engaging and thoughtful approach underpins all Inclusive Employers training and we ensure audience/delegate appropriate HR policy, legal and caselaw touchpoints are included. We focus on behaviour change and our training is packed with tips, techniques and practical take-aways. 

Our focus is on developing training that is hard wired to your organisation’s purpose, values and frameworks. Some examples of learning approaches for this topic are listed below – we’re looking forward to working with you.

Learning options:

  • Digital: eLearning modules, webinars, virtual learning space – at your own pace and time; 
  • Face-to-face: learning bursts to suit your schedules, half and full day training are some options; 
  • Drama-based learning: creating live action in your organisation giving you the opportunity to explore real scenarios and develop your understanding and skills.

To discuss how we can work together to deliver Introduction to Mental Health training within your organisation fill in our quick enquiry form.