Policy, Review and Rewrite

At Inclusive Employers we know the real value of well, written accessible policy. It can be easy for HR policies to build up over the years:

Policy Review and Rewrite: Why You Need it

At Inclusive Employers, we know the real value of well, written accessible policy. It can be easy for HR policies to build up over the years: in some organisations, they are not updated; are wordy, convoluted and inaccessible to staff and managers; may not be legally compliant; and encourage an approach to decision making that maintains non-inclusive cultures. Inclusive Employers can review and rewrite your policy to ensure this is not the case. It will be accessible and inclusive, with clear visual step-by-step guidance for managers to support and encourage inclusive decision making – something that is a fundamental part of creating a values-based inclusive culture.

Policy Review and Rewrite: How it Works

At Inclusive Employers, we understand every piece of an organisation is different and has its own complex needs. Our significant expertise ensures we are equipped and able to support you to address the cultural issues specific to your organisation. We can do this in the following ways when reviewing and rewriting your policies:

  • Scope out the range of your HR policies in operations and identify and gaps or duplication;
  • Engage with stakeholders, if appropriate, such as staff committees or trade unions, to reassure that any negotiated terms will not be impacted;
  • Agree a standard framework for all new policy, for example: to include FAQs, case studies, cross references with other policy, procedure or strategy;
  • Ensure all new content is fully compliant with legislation, caselaw, ACAS and other guidance as appropriate;
  • Reflect your values with clarity around levels of devolved decision making
  • Encourage more flexible and confident decision making
  • Equality impact assess all new documents;
  • Write and present accessibly, in terms of language, presentation etc;
  • Establish a decommissioning programme for old policy statements;
  • Develop a plan for communicating these policy changes;
  • Undertake awareness raising activities for staff and managers.

Policy Review and Rewrite: What is Our Approach?

Our approach is grounded in working together: all our consultancy is delivered in partnership with clients. We take a clear brief in the knowledge that every employer is facing different issues.

We’re looking forward to working with you. Our consultants have years of experience and are equipped with skills, knowledge and expertise to develop inclusive workplaces. This means we know what works and our recommendations are hugely practical – we will give you the confidence to take action and have a lasting impact on workplace culture. In a trusted and confidential setting, we will always feedback honestly on what we find or see. Our goal is to support growth and development.

To learn more about how Inclusive Employers can support your organisation’s Policy Review and Rewrite send us a quick enquiry.