What is a Policy Review?

A policy review is a comprehensive audit of your policy suite undertaken by our inclusion experts. The policy review will:

  • Make sure your policies comply with legislation, case law and ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Services) guidelines.
  • Make sure your policies are aligned with inclusion best practice.
  • Write, or support you to write, policies that are compliant and reflect inclusion best practice.

A policy review is important for any company, whatever your size or industry. We recommend policy reviews take place around every three years, depending on the individual requirements of your organisation.

Why are policies important?

Well-written, comprehensive policies are vital for any organisation that wants to thrive. They are especially important when it comes to embedding inclusion. They set the foundations for how your organisation operates and they help to clarify employee expectations.

Your organisation’s policies demonstrate best practice within the company. The structure that they bring impacts everyone in the organisation. They create a common understanding of how to operate and behave in the workplace.

Policies can seem like a small, and sometimes time consuming, intervention. But, they are worth investing time and resources into; you will find the return on investment is significant.

Your policies can influence your company culture, which is why it is so important to get them right. It is also vital to consider your policies with an inclusion lens. Having an inclusion and diversity policy is not enough. Inclusion needs to be a priority in every policy that you have.

Work with Inclusive Employers to review your policies

A policy review doesn’t need to be a painful process. With our support and guidance it can be a positive step to refresh and implement best practice and legislation.

When you work with Inclusive Employers to conduct a policy review, we will:

  • Lead a discovery session to understand your context, your organisation and your requirements.
  • Review your current policy suite.
  • Create a project plan in line with your internal policy review practices.
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Inclusive Employers Policy Review Approach

Two colleagues reviewing policies together at a desk

Read and review all policies

As explained at the beginning, our focus will be on compliance with inclusion best practice, legislation, case law and ACAS.  Our aim is to identify the gaps in your existing policies, and highlight how they can be improved, to embed inclusion and support the business.

Our policy review will highlight whether our advice is best practice or compliance, so that you can work with your organisation’s employment lawyer for final sign off.

Four Colleagues reviewing suggested improvements to workplace policies

Policy report and stakeholder meeting

We will prepare a report documenting all our advice and recommendations. We recommend following this up with a stakeholder meeting so that we can work as a team to answer questions and discuss our recommendations in more detail.


A female colleague updating the new policies on her laptop

Rewrite policies

When all the recommendations have been agreed we can then re-write the policies.



Colleagues being upskilled on how to develop inclusive policies

Future-proofing your policy review process

To support future policy reviews, we recommend investing in training for your employees. This training will upskill and equip employees so they are confident to develop policies with an inclusion lens, meaning this task can be done in-house in the future.


Let us support your policy review

Our experts will work with you so you can feel confident that all your policies are inclusive and compliant with legislation.

If you have any questions and would like to learn more about how we can support your policy review process, please get in touch using the form below: