Unconscious Bias Training

Inclusive Employers have four years evidence of delivering Unconscious bias training, all of which is geared to minimise the impact of unconscious bias on decision making and actions.

We have identified a set of examples to demonstrate flexibility in terms of duration, content, tone – always striving to meet the brief as precisely as possible, ensuring that the delegates gain a clear understanding of how the learning applies to their day to day work.

Here are some recent case studies:

In house Introductory sessions

Session length: 2 & 1/2 hours

Number of delegates: 10

We host regular introductory workshops at the Inclusive Employers offices for members and non members approximately 3 or 4 times a year. These sessions are very popular.

Some quotes from participants :

"10/10 - It was well run and really engaging"

"Exceeded my expectations, I learnt a lot about myself & how to help other with unconscious biases."

"Good and practical session- explained concepts well and gave good examples a very good starting point on the subject"

Unconscious Bias sessions to a local Authority

Session length: 2 hours (6 events)

Number of delegates: Reaching approximately 250 managers

Introduction to Unconscious Bias sessions to a northern England City Council's middle managers as part of their Manager Challenge (Autumn/Winter 2014). Six events were delivered to a total of approximately 250 managers at City Hall. The delegates were professionally very diverse and the session was designed to have as wide an impact as possible.

Client Feedback:

"Claire delivered a workshop for us on Unconscious Bias – the target audience was our middle manager group and Claire did the session six times to a total audience of over 250 people. The feedback was uniformly positive on the day and subsequently, with a number of managers suggesting the session should be made mandatory. This audience was very mixed – it included supervisors from front line services such as waste management and office based staff so very hard to please – Claire managed it!

What stands out for me were the two supervisors from Parks and Gardens who had selected the workshop randomly but came out thinking it had been great and they were going to implement some of their actions straight away!"

HR Strategy Team - City Council

Some quotes from participants:

"Excellent workshop – learned a lot"

"Thought the Unconscious Bias session was excellent – thought provoking"

"Unconscious Bias workshop a chance to step back from the day to day and think about doing things differently"

Car Rental company Women’s Network

Session length: 1 hour

Number of delegates: 80

The company's Women’s Network Conference at Heathrow (Autumn 2014) included a 1 hour mini introduction which was upbeat, engaging and light-hearted with prizes including a Magnum of Champagne (or rather a champagne Magnum!).

Quote from client:

"Thank you so much for coming along to the event, it was a great success."

Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

Session length: 1 day

Number of delegates:

Unconscious Bias in Recruitment was delivered to 120 Train Operating Company recruiting managers over 9 days (Spring 2014). This event was a combination of trainer led activity, group work and drama based training. Delegates had the opportunity to reflect in detail on their current recruitment practice (formalised and informal) and identify and address bias risks.

We have many year’s experience of delivering drama based training and unlike many other providers we use actors that we have training in Inclusion and Diversity, we always allow for rehearsal time, we write very client specific, engaging scripts and delegates only get involved in the “action” if they wish.

This training was coupled with UB on line assessments and we know through the ongoing feedback sessions, that the training had significant impact on the delegates as they recruited and in their role as managers/service providers in general.

Quotes from participant:

"Excellent - I'll be taking the learning back to my team and doing the assessments with them"

Bias, Barriers and Behaviours

Session length: 1 day

Number of delegates: 20-25

Bias, Barriers and Behaviours training for the whole staff group of UK charity (December 2014) was an unconscious bias full day event with actors which focused on both the team dynamics and cultural sensitivity as the team travel the Commonwealth representing the Fund.

Delegates reflected on their own experience of bias, the impact on their behaviour and feelings and were able to share these views as a group in a safe setting.

Quotes from participant:

"The use of actors really brought the issues to life, this session hit the mark and the length was just right."