Training Case Study

Union – All-staff Equalities Programme

We are privileged to run all of a public service union’s Equalities Programme for all staff, covering equality, diversity and inclusion topics, from legal and policy framework, through to banter in the workplace and the five-generation workforce.


We designed and developed the one-day programme, which today is delivered by experienced members of our training team. Our delivery style is engaging and fun, and combines activity and group work with practically applied academic and legal reference points.


As well as consistent high scores – receiving an average score of 76 out of a possible 80 – attendees have commented on the professionalism of delivery, high levels of engagement, interest and the opportunity to learn new information.

Thinking differently and fighting group think - Film & Entertainment Company

This session was delivered as part of the company's celebrations of National Inclusion Week. We delivered two workshops for staff to look at creativity, bias and group think.

The aims of the sessions were:

  • Understand the tensions between the need for consistency, creativity and conformity within the organisation.
  • Look at strategies to allow creativity to be harnessed, consistency and conformity to operate appropriately
  • Look at the concept of group think and in-groups/outgroups.
  • Develop strategies to connect inclusion, diversity and innovation.


  • “well presented, very comfortable feel”
  • “good presenter”
  • “thanks it was very good”

Delegates found most useful:

  • “Brainstorming with colleagues from others departments on how to think differently and inspire new ideas”
  • Learning about “challenging the status quo” and “bias thinking”

Mental health Awareness - Sports Game Company

As part for mental health awareness week, we delivered two interactive workshops on mental health awareness in Edinburgh. The company runs a web-based fantasy sports game.

The aim of the session was to increase understanding of mental ill health at work and discuss how to support colleagues who are at risk of, or experiencing, a mental health condition.

In small groups, we discussed:

- What is mental ill-health

- The 5 factors of mental wellbeing

- Common types of mental ill-health and symptoms

- Managing your mental wellbeing and supporting others


Over 80 % of delegates rated the session as “useful” and/or “thought provoking”

“Really enjoyed, well presented”.

“I found the advice about speaking to others very interesting and useful”.