Trainer-led Workshops

Led by one of our experienced facilitator we create engaging, practical and impactful training and development interventions.

Our approach is to tailor each session to your organisation and ensure it meets the needs of your delegates to maximise impact. We use a range of tools to engage delegates such as film, interactive exercise, self-reflective exercises, and opportunity to debate.

We deliver training and development on a range of inclusion focused topics, such as:

  • Embedding everyday inclusion
  • Unconscious bias
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Mental health awareness
  • Inclusive recruitment
  • Banter at work

And many more...

Contact us to discuss your needs.

feedback from delegates:

“Trainer incredibly knowledgeable and engaging. Had a really excellent background knowledge”. Mental health awareness. Delegate from a public sector service

“Thought it was a really interesting session. Well presented, good mix of information and interactive games.” Unconscious bias in decision making. Delegate from a retail company

“The course was really helpful to understand the importance of inclusion and diversity and unconscious bias and how this can influence behaviours and to be more aware to be more balanced”. Unconscious bias in decision making. Delegate from a transport company.

“Overall an excellent course and very well delivered”. Recruitment and selection – Delegate from a union

“Really useful for addressing some issues within certain teams allowing colleagues to voice opinions in a safe environment and bringing the group together”. Values and behaviours. Delegate from a public sector service

“Brainstorming with colleagues from other departments on how to think differently and inspire new ideas”. Thinking creatively. Delegate from an entertainment and film company.