Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid Adult 2-Day (MHFA Adult) is an internationally recognised course. MHFA Adult won't teach you how to be a therapist, but you'll be able to say you're a Mental Health First Aider.
Robyn Lewis, our MHFA England certified instructor will run the programme over two consecutive days. The days will be a mix of presentation, group discussions and group work activities. We offer this as an in-house programme at your premises or alternatively we run open courses held in Central London.

The MHFA Adult course is split up into 4 manageable chunks:

1. What is mental health?
2. Suicide
3. Anxiety and depression
4. Psychosis

In each section you'll learn how to:

• Spot the early signs of a mental health issue
• Feel confident helping someone experiencing a mental health issue
• Provide help on a first aid basis
• Guide someone towards the right support
• Increase your own and other awareness to reduce the stigma of mental health issues.

The programme can run with 8-16 delegates.

Each delegate will receive a full MHFA England accredited certificate, workbook, manual and handy action card for continuous learning.

Delegate Feedback:

Personal confidence on how best to support others with a mental health issue:
• 100% of delegates surveyed agreed their personal confidence had increased after taking the course.

Knowledge and understanding of how best to support others with mental health issue(s):
• 100% of delegates surveyed agreed their knowledge and understanding had increased after taking the course.

Less likely to negatively judge people experiencing mental health issues:
• 100% of delegates surveyed agreed they’d be less likely to judge someone experiencing a mental health issue after taking the course.


“The course was really engaging, the instructor, Robyn, encouraged discussion and sharing personal contexts and experiences, respectfully.”

“Worthwhile, eye opening and full of interaction.”

“Really good content and thought provoking.”

“Excellent session, fantastic. Very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fun.”

In-house courses:

We’ll work with you to plan and organise your MHFA programme, at your venue on dates that suit your needs. To find out more email us at

Open courses available in 2020 (Central London):

• 26 and 27 February
• 10 and 11 June
• 28 and 29 October

See our events page for more details and to book your place