Accredited Inclusion and Diversity Qualifications with Inclusive Employers

The Level 4 Programme

Accredited at Level 4 qualification standard through the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), successful completion of the programme results in an Award in Leadership and Management from the CMI. CMI qualifications at Level 4 portray practical skills and competences that are rated in academic terms as being comparable to a Higher National Certificates (HNC)

Delegates are also awarded an “Inclusive Employers Award” at an annual awards ceremony.

This qualification supports the development of the role and skills of colleagues working in middle management roles and those those jobs include some I&D responsibility such as network responsibilities. Level 4 CMI qualifications are for the development of the role and skill of managers. The qualifications aim to develop personal management capabilities, make effective use of information in decision - making, operations and the development of the skills in managing people.

The programme offers significant learning and development opportunities for delegates and an opportunity to demonstrate expertise via qualification as well as practice.

Are there any entry requirements?

There are no entry requirements for this course although we will ensure that learners have sufficient capability at the right level to undertake the learning and assessment. We suggest that you ask yourself the following questions, and if the answers are generally “yes” then you are operating at the right level for the course and will be accepted on to it.

Are you:

  • involved in promoting equality and diversity in your organisation.
  • Keen to learn about the conepts that are relevant to equality and diversity at work.
  • able to respond to vocational (i.e. non academic) assessments and demonstrate your understanding and relate them to your workplace?.

How does this course relate to other CMI level 4 qualifications?

This qualification is based on one “unit” selected from the wider menu of Management and Leadership.

The unit is:

  • Promoting Equality and Diversity (Unit 4008V1)

The unit is worth 7 credits and successful completion will result in the achievement of the Award.

How much time will this involve?

The CMI stipulates a “total qualification time” (TQT), which is an estimate of the number of hours that could reasonably be expected to be required. The TQT for the award is 60 hours minimum.

This will be made up of:

  • 14 hours (2 days) in training room.
  • 6 hours guidance or supervision, which could include telephone supervision sessions, action learning activity, webinars, Inclusive Employers events.
  • 40 hours individual study, which could include reading, researching, field trip visits or placements at other inclusive employers within our network, completion of assignment

Where will the course be delivered?

Dates nationally.

Is it possible to run a programme in house for one of our teams?

Yes, for further details please email

How will I be assessed?

There are no exams but you will need to complete one evidence booklet comprising 5 questions (with a total word count of approximately 2800 – 3000 works)

What resources will I have access to?

A complete online library of comprehensive and up to date material that supports learning through the CMI Management Direct Learning Platform and a wide range of Inclusive Employers resources.

Will I receive membership of the CMI

Whilst studying, you will receive free affiliate membership of the CMI and, if your employer does not hold membership already, you can also access a wide range of resources and information from Inclusive Employers.

What does the course content include?

  • Understand legislation, regulations, policies and codes of practice relevant to equality and valuing diversity.
  • Understand how organisational and individual behaviour affects individuals and teams.
  • Be able to use feedback to devise an improvement plan
  • Understand how to encourage equality and diversity in others

These CMI requirements will be enhanced with content relating to inclusion in organisations.

How much will the course cost?

£899.00 (+VAT). Inclusive Employers members receive a 10% discount on this cost

For information about dates and venues of forthcoming courses, and to book a place, please email

What if I have more questions?

Please email with your questions or to request a call back.