Elearning case studies

Examples of elearning programmes:

We have experience in writing and designing a number of elearning packages, some examples are provided below:

Diversity and Inclusion

This module was written for a National Bank to engage their colleagues with:

The concepts of diversity and inclusion

- Understand the legislation

- How to create a great working environment

- How diversity and inclusion supports the organisation in meeting the needs of clients and communities

Throughout the module, we created a narrative on the concept that each colleague can drive change and gave tips and ideas of actions they can take to make diversity and inclusion a reality. We called it: “it can be you”.

Unconscious bias in decision-making

We have created various e-learning packages on unconscious bias in decision-making. These are used to ensure all colleagues understand what unconscious bias is and know how to manage their own bias. An e-learning module can also be used in advance of a face-to-face training session on unconscious bias.

We wrote an e-learning programme for a National Rail Company on unconscious bias. This cover:

- What are unconscious biases and why do we have them?

- The impact of bias for our colleagues, our customers and communities

- How to recognise and mitigate the impact of unconscious bias

We use a blended learning approach to ensure delegates with different learning styles are engaged in different ways throughout the programme and which maximised the learning experience.

We also provided further resources to the organisation to ensure learning on unconscious bias was reinforced after colleagues completed the programme.

Inclusive leadership

A 4-week module on inclusive leadership was created for a Housing Association

The aim was to engage delegates over a period of time on this topic and include reading and reflective exercise in between each module.

The programme was designed into 4 main topics:

- Week 1: what do we mean by inclusive leadership

- Week 2: Inclusive leaders foster inclusive communications and “work-life effectiveness”

- Week 3: Mind the bias

- Week 4: Inclusive leaders drive performance

The programme included case studies and scenarios based in the business as well as podcast and video to engage delegate in becoming inclusive leaders.