Why participate

Why participate in the standard?

  • It provides a tool for structuring your inclusion strategy/activities which is relevant to your organisation, not driven by external criteria
  • It helps you understand in practical terms what you need to do to get better and the strengths and weaknesses of current activity, steering you to develop an action plan
  • It is comprehensive in that it covers all the protected characteristics, streamlining your involvement in other benchmarking exercises/standards
  • It is light touch in terms of the resource required for completion, so it can realistically be combined with other tools if needed
  • It is very structured and criteria based, reducing possible subjectivity in the assessment process
  • It provides an opportunity to share and receive evidence-based best practice
  • It provides a mechanism for rewarding and enhancing progress, productivity and innovation
  • It addresses the Specific Duties of public bodies
  • It helps to demonstrate to staff that inclusion is being taken seriously
  • It provides an opportunity to celebrate your progress and share your accreditation status with your customers and stakeholders to demonstrate your commitment to inclusion