How long will it take me to complete the Inclusive Employers Standard?

The length of time will depend on the complexity of your organisation, the availability of the necessary evidence and the resource available. Based on the experience of those who have already completed the Standard, we estimate it takes between five to ten days to complete.

Who needs to be involved in preparing the submission?

We would recommend one person coordinates the preparation of the submission but it will be valuable to collect information from and consult with colleagues working in some/all of the following areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Learning and Development
  • Recruitment
  • Your employee network groups
  • Procurement
  • Senior Leaders

What areas of organisational activity does the Inclusive Employers Standard cover?

The Inclusive Employers Standard is structured around the six pillars and is broad in its approach, providing a framework for an effective inclusion programme, without being prescriptive about the specific activities that need to be addressed. It focuses on the breadth of workplace inclusion and does not touch on the delivery of services or products, or activity with clients, customers or service users.

What should I do if I don’t understand the questions/criteria included in the Standard?

You will be provided with step by step guidance with information on what is required for each question. If that doesn’t help, then send an email with your query as soon as possible to standard@inclusiveemployers.co.uk or call our helpline

What if I experience problems using the Portal?

Send an email with your query as soon as possible to standard@inclusiveemployers.co.uk or call our helpline

We are right at the start of our inclusion journey, how could participation help us?

You may wish to participate in the Foundation Assessment if you are right at the start of your journey and are not ready for formal accreditation. It is a fantastic tool for helping you take an overview of your current inclusion activity and steering you towards building the foundations necessary for progress.

We already have lots of inclusion activity in place, how could participation help us?

Congratulations! You can participate in the Inclusive Employers Standard to obtain recognition of your activity across all the protected characteristics and inclusion more broadly, you will get detailed feedback on your progress and recommendations for areas of improvement. It is a rigorous and ambitious framework and there will be opportunities to share best practice with other similarly placed organisations as part of your involvement.