Application process

Application process

Once registered, participating organisations are given a secure login to access the Inclusive Employers Standard portal. This contains the online submission form and additional guidance. Organisations are asked to provide a written account of their activities in a number of areas; grouped under the six pillars of inclusion and diversity and must upload evidence to demonstrate their work in each area. To ensure our assessment is objective and rigorous, evidence is required in most areas of the Standard, in order to earn any marks.

Additional written guidance is provided to enable organisations to fully understand what is required in each area and to ensure they are providing an accurate response which gives the best account of their activities.

After the submission deadline, responses are marked. The marking process aims to be as objective, transparent and fair as possible. Marks are awarded at four levels for each question:

  • Response does not meet requirements

  • Foundation – meets basic requirements

  • Best practice – meets industry standard

  • Advanced – as above, plus extending this to demonstrate monitoring and evaluation are occurring to improve and innovate on the approach

A second moderation process takes place to verify the scoring and award each submission Committed, Bronze, Silver or Gold status.