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Why become an Inclusive Sport member?

Inclusive Sport is the only organisation offering diversity and inclusion membership to the sport and physical activity sector. Inclusive Sport members have access to consultancy, training, thought leadership, webinars and resources that support them to make inclusion an everyday reality. 

You might be at the beginning of your inclusion journey or a highly experienced I&D professional – our approach is to support you whatever stage you are at. We will tailor our expert support and knowledge to provide you with confidence and practical advice.

You will have a dedicated account manager with experience in the sport and physical activity sector. Your account manager will get to know you, so they can respond dynamically to your needs and help you to maximise the value of your membership. You will have the opportunity for monthly account manager meetings so you can review progress and ensure you’re up to date with our latest resources and webinars.

The importance of Inclusion in Sport

Inclusion in Sport is crucial in so many ways. Like everywhere else, Sport needs to be a safe place for all individuals, and our Inclusive Sport team is helping make that happen.

Diversity in sport is important not only for sportspeople, trainers, teams, and communities but also for sport fans looking for representation.

By offering fresh approaches and support, we are transforming how communities, teams and the industry are tackling inclusion in sport.

Corporate member benefits

  • Expert inclusion and diversity advice on tap from a dedicated Inclusive Sport account manager
  • 240+ hours of learning per year, for your team, via our webinar programme including monthly Inclusive Sport webinars
  • Full access to a comprehensive and expanding library of practical inclusion and diversity resources including those tailored specifically to the context and issues of the sport and physical activity sector
  • An “in-house” training session or half-day of specialist consultancy **
  • Access to our National Inclusion Week supporters package of resources
  • Discounts on accredited Inclusion and Diversity Qualifications and the Inclusive Employers Standard company accreditation
  • Weekly members newsletter, including our monthly Inclusion insights in sport
  • Access to our Members Desk for research queries and the ability to canvas other members with a question or problem
  • Opportunities to network with other member organisations via our community, Members United, and to participate in major projects

** This increases to 7 days with Partnership membership

You can contact us to discuss membership or purchase membership online.

Have a listen to our Talking Inclusion With podcast episode where Steven Copsey, Anita Asante, James Ledger and Michelle Daltry explore Inclusion in Sport.

Don’t just take our word for it, our members have told us that membership is…

“A great investment to help your inclusion agenda”

“Keeping us focused and up to date with best practice”

The best thing about our membership is…

“An excellent source of credible information with tangible actions, they are really passionate about what they do”

“They will fully support you in your inclusion journey and bring the best out in your organisation.”

“I honestly can’t choose just one thing. Engaging, relevant fit for use guides and content, real consultative support…”

“Always knowing there is an expert available if needed! Help provide different ways of engaging our colleagues in inclusion topics.”

“Very responsive and helpful with any queries, big or small. Love the resource and top tips guides!”

“Approachability, helpful, can ask and discuss anything, great team, very knowledgeable – I love you all.”

Take a look at what Andy Salmon, CEO of British Triathlon, has to say about our Inclusive Sport team and programmes.

You can learn new things

You can always learn new things and become more sport-inclusive no matter how long you’ve been in the industry.

We have a huge range of inclusion resources and support available, with many sport-specific resources that can help you in your journey. Whether you want to break down barriers to participation in sports or emphasise the importance of equality in sports, we can help.

Be part of a bigger picture

By beginning your journey toward inclusion, you can contribute to the larger goal of achieving inclusive sport, inclusive fitness, and an inclusive world.

The fact that you’re already researching inclusive sports is a step in the right direction for learning, growing, and pushing forward on the goal of inclusiveness.

The next step towards Inclusive Sport membership

Get in touch directly with our Inclusive Sport team to learn more about how membership can support your organisation.