Introducing our Inclusive Employers Academy

At Inclusive Employers we recognise people learn in different ways, our members and clients are looking for a different learning approach to create change, not only for individuals but also lasting, tangible cultural change for their organisation.

Our offering across traditional learning methods, coupled with our consultancy and membership support, can be framed around the ‘70:20:10’ model of learning. We’re excited to be launching our brand new Inclusive Employers Academy in 2020. Cultivating in-depth inclusion expertise, we’ll offer a blended and accessible approach to learning, including;

Experiential learning (‘70’):

• Drama-based workshops

We know 70% of what we truly learn and retain comes from experiential opportunities. So, if you’re looking for something that stands out, consider our drama-based offerings, using tailored scripts to reflect your organisation, we bring learning alive through forum theatre.

• Programmes

Working closely with you we can guide and support a range of inclusion action including incentivised D&I / award programmes embedding into your performance management e.g. appraisals.

• National Inclusion Standard

An evidence-based, objective, accreditation tool for assessing and promoting inclusion in the workplace.

• Member round tables

For groups of D&I people focussing on experiential inclusion learning

Action learning (‘20’):

• Bite-size learning packages

Shorter bursts of inclusion learning you can facilitate yourself. Released monthly, you can take to team meetings or for learning on the go – designed to embed further learning outside of the ‘classroom’.

• Inclusion quizzes

Ideal to use following a learning programme, you can use for Comms campaigns, team meetings, self-learning or even as energizers and icebreakers.

Formal learning (‘10’):

• Facilitator-led workshops / programmes
We cover a broad range of inclusion learning topics in our interactive and engaging workshops, held at your location.

Events calendar

Held throughout the year we offer access to learning events at our location or via webinar – keep an eye on our website and email signatures for upcoming events and booking information.

• CMI accredited qualification programme

Ready for a new challenge? We offer both Level 4 and Level 6 qualifications for Inclusion, Diversity and Equality. Click here to read a testimonial, providing real insight into the experience of completing a Level 6 qualification.

• Learning bursts

A great way to deliver shorter, lively learning across a broad range of inclusion topics. We can offer one-off sessions or packages of five sessions, at your location.

• Digital learning

Working closely together we can design and build digital content to suit your needs.

Find out more

Our learning offer will continue to grow. If you have ideas of what you’d like to see, or would like to talk more about our current offer please contact us at