These resources can be used to promote various inclusion campaigns within your organisation.

  • National Inclusion Week - resources for participants

    Below is a selection of resources you can use to promote and support your organisation's involvement in National Inclusion Week 2019.

  • How inclusive organisations can help you bring your whole self to work

    Andy Clarke, Public Affairs Manager, Asda, on what employers can do to support employees to share experiences and support workplace wellbeing

  • Lucky lucky lucky me, I'm a lucky son of a gun...

    Richard McKenna, Director, Inclusive Employers, on how the support received following his recent cancer diagnosis gets to the heart of inclusion at work:

  • Eleanor Oliphant and loneliness in the workplace

    Zeinab Ali, Office and Special Projects Administrator, Inclusive Employers, on how the novel 'Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine' tackles the taboo of workplace loneliness: