Planning for National Inclusion Week 2017

Every year we put a lot of effort into deciding the theme for National Inclusion Week. Inclusive Employers created National Inclusion Week in 2011, and it has gone from strength to strength each year - a fantastic "free source" resource for any employer that wants to improve performance through people. Our priority is always to come up with something that matters to all the employers (last year it was 540 employers) that participated. We try to create a "hook" that everyone (large and small, public, private and third sector, hugely inclusive or at the start of the journey) can work with to create positive change. This year we quickly chose the theme "Connect for Inclusion" from a short list of nine options.

Initially, I voted for this theme because I just love playing the children's game "Connect 4" and will be bringing a game in to the office for lunchtime competitions! But the reality of this year's theme is that it presents us with opportunities on many different levels. Here is a taste of some of the opportunities we discussed in our National Inclusion Week 2017 planning meeting:

  • It’s a positive response to the current global tensions that impact many of our members with a global reach and members with employees from across Europe and further afield.
  • It reinforces the significant benefit that our membership model offers by connecting different organisations to learn from each other and share best practice (more on this to come!)
  • It's what we do in our other campaigns - Learning Disability Work Experience Week connects employers with potential new talent; The Speaker's BAME Challenge is connecting individuals and creating teams to eliminate barriers and deliver real change; and our work with Cleanbreak has connected people in need of support with others who can provide it.
  • It’s the key to creating inclusive workforces... helping people connect with each other to learn about difference and overcome barriers together.

I could go on…..but the main message is to encourage you to connect with us for inclusion and join some of the National Inclusion Week planning webinars that we are scheduling over the summer months. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the face to face, online, social media and virtual activities that we will be developing to connect for inclusion.

The National Inclusion Week Planning webinars will take place on Wednesday 12 July and Thursday 27 July.

Sign up for National Inclusion Week 2017 here.