Reports and research

We've all got a lot to learn when we get together to discuss issues surrounding inclusion, diversity and equality and share best practice.
If you missed an event or were able to attend, but didn't take as many notes as you would have liked, you'll find reports and summaries of Inclusive Employers Think-Ins and other events here.
  • 2017 Research Survey

    Our research, based on a OnePoll survey of 2000 employees revealed that nearly two thirds (61%) of UK workers feel they keep an aspect of their lives hidden at work. See below where our research was highlighted in the media.

  • Learning Disability Week 2017

    This year’s Learning Disability Week (L.D.W) focused on employment: from raising awareness about the barriers people with learning disabilities face when trying to get into work, helping them to find a role that suits their skills and guiding employers on how they can support disabled employees a

  • Caring Responsibilities

    Unless we live alone with no close ties with friends and family, we are all carers at some point in our lives and the older we get the more likely it is that children become the ‘parents’ to their parents, so employers need to take the issues around carers seriously.

  • The Speaker of The House of Commons BAME Challenge

    Many UK Employers are keen for BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Talent and understand that a racially diverse workforce can have a lot of benefits, such as an increase in productivity, an