National Inclusion Standard with Calderdale

As a member of Inclusive Employers, we were pleased to take part in a pilot of their new National Inclusion Standard. There are plenty of things to do to make Calderdale an inclusive place for all. By signing up to the National Inclusion Standard, we have put our hand up and asked to be measured alongside other national organisations, from all sectors, that know that it is only to the benefit of the Council to listen to and support employees.

If we had to think of an analogy to describe how useful we have found the National Inclusion Standard…a large magnet? a net? Capturing all the strands of diversity and inclusion from across our organisation and gathering them in one place for scrutiny. With neatly packaged pillars under the headings of Engage, Equip, Empower, Embed, Evaluate and Evolve, we have a framework against which we can challenge and measure ourselves to be better at including our entire workforce in good, inclusive practice.

This award gives us a firm foundation to continue our work setting clear objectives to support and embed our 2024 Vision for Calderdale as we seek to make our place enterprising, talented, resilient, kind and distinctive. We are proud that we have chosen to be an Inclusion ‘Pioneer’ and help make inclusion and every day reality.

Nicky Everett - Calderdale Council