Case law updates

It's important for you as an employer to keep up to date on the latest legal developments on inclusion, diversity and equality.
That's why we've teamed up with DAC Beachcroft LLP to provide members with top legal advice to make sure you've dotted all your 'i's' and crossed all your 't's'.
  • Gary Day-Davies vs United Learning Trust

    October 2019

    If you believe an employee may need reasonable adjustments so that they can perform to the best of their ability, seek the advice of the occupational health department to get practical advice on how to support employees with disabilities or health conditions.

  • Ms S Khan vs SN Estates Property Services

    October 2019

    Bullying and harassment at work is unwanted behaviour that makes an employee feel intimidated, degraded, humiliated or offended.

  • Alexander Wisbey vs the C of L Police Force and College of Policing

    October 2019

    Indirect sex discrimination occurs when a rule, policy or practice places a particular sex at a disadvantage in the workplace.

  • Mr A Leader vs Leeds City Council

    August 2019

    Employers can be held liable for the actions committed by an employee during their employment, this can include bullying, harassment and discriminatory behaviour.