Michelle Daltry - Inclusive Employers

Michelle Daltry is the Head of Sport for Inclusive Employers. Michelle was the Partnership Manager for Disability Sport Wales, a post that she held for over 19 years, before joining the team.

As an Inclusion and Diversity specialist within the field of sport and physical activity, Michelle is passionate about supporting the sector to address inequalities within the workplace and out in the field of play.

Formerly the Chair of the Welsh Wheelchair Rugby Association and with a strong commitment for equality and inclusion, Michelle is the chair of LGBT Sport Cymru a network established to promote and support opportunities for the LGBT community and a Co-Founder of the UK LGBTIQ+ Sport Alliance.

Michelle is also the Welsh Lead for the International Football V Homophobia Campaign. In August 2020 Michelle was named at number eight of the 50 most influential LGBT+ people in Wales.

What do you enjoy about your role at Inclusive Employers?

I really enjoy the fantastic team culture that we have at Inclusive Employers and the diversity of organisations that we work with and are also learning from.  It is brilliant to be working with an organisation that is genuinely committed to supporting cultural change within the workplace which will inevitably flow into wider society.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

In 2020 I was named number 8 on the Pinc List in Wales, which recognises the most influential LGBT+ people in Wales. This was a lovely recognition of the amazing work that is done by the whole LGBT+ Sport Cymru team.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

A former colleague shared the following quote attributed to Maya Angelou with me, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

This quote constantly reminds me that our learning journey never ends and that we can all always be better at what we do.

Tell us something about you that we might not know

I am a former Welsh International Hockey Player and went to the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games in 1998. I am also the Chair of LGBT+ Sport Cymru (Wales) supporting the Welsh Sports Sector to be more inclusive of and for people from LGBT+ Communities.

Michelle Daltry smiling at the camera

Head of Sport