Inclusive Employers launches National Inclusion Week

Posted by Richard McKenna

Employers have been urged to sign up to an upcoming scheme that will help them to develop and improve their workplace inclusion policies.

Inclusive Employers has announced it will be running National Inclusion Week from October 7th to 11th this year and a range of events and activities are being planned by the organisation.

The annual event has been described by Inclusive Employers as a unique opportunity for companies to get connected to people who are passionate about inclusion in the workplace.

"You can host an event of your own or join in one of the exciting activities across the UK. Pledge your support for National Inclusion Week and get your brand included on our list of inclusive workplaces," the organisation said.

Firms that want to take part in this year's National Inclusion Week can sign up to become a member of Inclusive Employers and confirm they want to play a role in the event.

A range of fantastic resources are available for those who want to take part, helping companies to develop a more inclusive workplace that will have a vast array of benefits for the business.

There will also be the chance to keep in touch with what other employers are doing to improve inclusion in the workplace, as well as "showcase how you make a difference at work by valuing difference", it was noted by Inclusive Employers.

Richard McKenna, MD of Inclusive Employers, said: "We are calling on all employers to pledge their support to National Inclusion Week. We're hoping to build some real momentum for the week to raise awareness of the importance and value of inclusion in the workplace. Any employer that's committed to inclusion can take part and the more that do, the quicker we will see sustainable change in our workplace culture."

Businesses looking to attract the very best members of staff will be aware that having great workplace inclusion policies is one of the top ways to do this.

More details will be announced about the events and activities that are going to be put on as part of this year's National Inclusion Week closer to the time, but those who sign up early will be kept up to date with the latest news.

For more information about what signing up to be a part of National Inclusion Week can do for a business, contact Rachel Williams at

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