Blog post: Richard explores his reflections on inclusion in 2017 and predictions for 2018

Our Reflections on 2017 and Predictions for 2018


Throughout the past year, I have had a sense that inclusion has gathered momentum. This is great. I have also had a sense that as colleagues in organisations across the UK grow more confident in the actions and conversations on inclusion and diversity, there is still more work to define what inclusion is and what it offers us.

Access to Work scheme extended by govt

The government has extended its Access to Work scheme in a bid to help more disabled people to find employment.

Is it harder for older people to find jobs?

New research shows older people are being blocked from jobs because of ageism in the workplace.

Business benefits of women in boardrooms highlighted

A new study shows companies with more women in their boardrooms perform better as they are less likely to engage in overpriced takeovers.

How can employers combat stress

A new study by Bupa has found that managers are too stressed to provide support to team members who aren't coping - what can employers do to battle this issue?

Inclusion issues in banking sector highlighted

The chief executive of HSBC has admitted the banking sector has to do more to boost inclusion in the workplace, commenting on the lack of women in senior executive roles.

How will parental leave changes affect employers?

Employers will need to update their parental leave policies after a law change.

Youth unemployment boost from govt funds

Government money is being put into a new scheme designed to help young people into work - how can employers use these funds to boost inclusion?