Women in Sport: “You throw like a girl”

Women have always faced barriers when it comes to sport, whether it is provision, negative attitudes surrounding women in sport or at the top level financial reward. I talk from a perspective of a female footballer. Since being introduced to the sport at a young age through the influence of my Dad and older brother there have been negative connotations attached to it for example, ‘it’s a man’s sport’ or being labelled a ‘tom boy’.

Racial discrimination holding black teachers back, finds report

New research shows almost half of black teachers believe racial discrimination is holding them back from progressing.

Report shows discrimination of disabled people is down

Progress in reducing discrimination against disabled people has been revealed by a new piece of research.

Report highlights widespread sexism in British workplaces

Research indicates sexism in the workplace is still rife in Britain, with men believing women are not suitable for a wide range of jobs.

Gender pay gap highlighted by ONS data

ONS data shows the gender pay gap is still an issue for women in work.