National Inclusion Week 2022 webinar packages

Celebrate National Inclusion Week 2022 ‘Time to Act; The Power of Now’ across your whole organisation with our in-house webinars.

We are excited to be adding to our portfolio of informative and engaging in-house packages for National Inclusion Week’s 10-year anniversary!

We have designed a suite of NIW webinars for 2022 to create interest, raise awareness and inspire action that can be delivered in-house individually or as a package, by our expert consultant team.

The theme of NIW 2022 is ‘Time to Act; The Power of Now’. It aims to inspire and encourage action at a time when so much is happening in society. There is no better time to be accountable, to use your voice and champion allyship. So, join us, and help us to make it the best one yet!

These webinars could be delivered during NIW or you could keep the conversation going within your organisation and schedule the webinars over a number of months – we can be flexible and are open to discussing your specific requirements.

What to expect:

Format: Webinars with interaction on Zoom polls, Chat Box, Slido and Mentimeter

Platform: Zoom, Teams, or your preferred platform

Number of attendees: Maximum of 250. We can also record the webinars so you can make them available to colleagues who were not able to attend.

Length of individual webinars: 1 hour

What content will there be on the webinars?

Take a look below at what each of the webinars will include:

1. Creating an inclusive workplace for all

We will explore:

  • The difference between inclusion, diversity and equality.
  • What makes an organisation inclusive, and why diversity without inclusion doesn’t work.
  • How to unite people and teams around inclusion, and engage them to kick start your inclusion journey.

2. Demonstrating trans and non-binary inclusion  

We will explore:

  • Terminology
  • What it means to identify as trans, non-binary or gender non-conforming.
  • The current societal landscape for trans people today.
  • How to support trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming colleagues in the workplace.

3. Tackling ableism – supporting disabled colleagues

We will explore:

  • Language and terminology around disability and impairments.
  • The medical and social models of disability.
  • What is ableism and how does it impact the workplace?
  • True disability allyship – a look at what we can do to encourage, champion and foster inclusion in the workplace.

4. Celebrating neurodiversity at work

We will explore:

  • What is meant by the terms neurodiverse and neurotypical?
  • Differing experiences of neurodivergent people.
  • Attitudes and barriers that are faced by neurodivergent people in employment and the workplace.
  • Neurodiversity as an asset to your organisation.
  • How to accommodate and support your neurodiverse colleagues so that they can work to the best of their abilities.

5. Anti-racism: Where have we been and where are we going?

We will explore:

  • Inclusive terminology and language
  • Why is it difficult to have discussions about race?
  • Barriers faced by marginalised ethnic groups in current society: privilege and unconscious bias.
  • What positive steps and changes have taken place and how we can keep that momentum going?
  • What more can we and should we be doing to be active and effective anti-racist allies to our colleagues? (e.g. understanding individual accountability and identifying key actions to contribute to change)

6. Emotional intelligence for maintaining mental health

We will explore:

  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • What is collective trauma and burnout and what does it look like?
  • How emotional intelligence can help to support mental health in the workplace
  • How to build emotional intelligence
  • How to improve emotional intelligence within the team and embed emotional intelligence into organisational culture

7. Understanding and supporting your migrant and ex-pat colleagues

We will explore:

  • Who are migrant and ex-pat colleagues?
  • Why migrant and ex-pat colleagues are so important for our organisations.
  • Challenges migrant and ex-pat colleagues face living in a different country.
  • How we can make sure we provide inclusive workplaces for migrant and ex-pat colleagues to ensure they can work to the best of their abilities.

To find out more information about what each webinar will cover, download the document below.

Many organisations have found that following this awareness-raising colleagues want to progress the conversation internally and benefit from having a safe place to talk and share experiences.

Inclusive Employers can help facilitate this through our Listening Circles. If you are interested in this and are a member please speak to your account manager or get in touch here.

National Inclusion Week webinar package costings

  Members price excl VAT Non-members price excl VAT
Individual webinar, including design, delivery and recording £750 £800
Package of 2 webinars £1,500 (£750 per webinar) £1600 (£800 per webinar)
Package of 3 webinars £1,950 (£650 per webinar) £2,100 (£700 per webinar)
Package of 4 webinars £2,600 (£650 per webinar) £2,800 (£700 per webinar)
Package of 5 webinars £3,250 (£650 per webinar) £3,500 (£700 per webinar)
Package of 6 webinars £3,300 (£550 per webinar) £3,600 (£600 per webinar)
Package of 7 webinars £3,850 (£550 per webinar) £4,200 (£600 per webinar)

How to book your National Inclusion Week session(s): 

Members, please speak to your Account Manager.

Non-members, please get in touch here for more information.