Created and run by Inclusive Employers, National Inclusion Week is an annual opportunity to raise awareness of inclusion in the workplace. The theme of National Inclusion Week 2019 is 'Everyday Inclusion: Celebrate and Inspire'.

The aims of National Inclusion Week are to:

  • CelebrateCelebrate everyday, practical ways you can create an inclusive environment in your workplace and inspire others to do so
  • EngageEngage your organisation in the commercial and social opportunities of inclusion
  • IdeasGenerate new ideas to make inclusion an everyday reality
  • Colleagues participating in one of our workshops

In previous years more than 1 million employees from over 700 organisations have highlighted their commitment to inclusion as part of National Inclusion Week.

How does the week work?

Organisations use National Inclusion Week to highlight their commitment to inclusion by organising events, communications, activities and resources.

It's completely free to take part in National Inclusion Week.

We are always keen to hear from participating organisations about their plans for National Inclusion Week. Please contact us to share your plans so we can help profile your organisation's work on inclusion.

To help you plan for next year's event you can follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn as well as via our monthly newsletter, which you can sign up to here.

During the week, we also shine a spotlight on some of our members who have made great progress in their organisations, through both celebrating National Inclusion Standard participants and profiling organisations who are leading on inclusion at work. More information is available here.