Members United

Members United is an opportunity for Members to come together, to connect and to share learning and best practice to enable you to build your confidence as an Inclusive Employer. One way we will be making this a reality is by holding 4 round table discussions in 2021. These roundtable discussions (virtual until further notice) will provide an opportunity for you, our members, to take time out of your day to focus on the big picture – to hear what other organisations in your industry, and beyond, are doing to make Inclusion an everyday reality, and to share challenges and successes you have had along the way.

Member’s United round tables will each focus on a specific theme, that is particularly important to the inclusion agenda in 2021. We have a clear idea of our inclusion priorities for the year, but we also want to hear from you: what areas of inclusion are shaping your agenda, where are your challenges and success stories? We have curated a shortlist of themes and welcome your input to choose the areas that are most important to you this year. Please click on the link below and choose up to 2 topics that you would like to see brought to life in these round table discussions. We will accept votes up until 19th Feb.

Once we have received your thoughts, we will select the 4 most popular topics and communicate them in the newsletters at the beginning of March.

As we know everyone is super keen to connect over round tables, we will ask you to provide supporting evidence to determine prioritised need of participation, or best practice that you have embedded that would be of value to others. Each round table will have 15 spaces, so unfortunately there won’t be room for everyone. However, we will ensure that each session is followed up with case studies, examples of discussions and top tips shared throughout for all members to access.

Please don’t forget you can still send your Members requests through to the Members Desk in the same way at We will be happy to connect you with anyone who comes forward in support of your request.

These sessions are designed to inspire thinking and to share ideas, but your Account Manager will always be able to help and advise on how suggestions may need to be tailored for your specific audience, different interventions work for different groups/teams/industries.

When we communicate the final topics for each of the round tables at the beginning of March we will confirm the date they will be held and your chance to show interest. We hope you enjoy being part of this process and we hope it brings you confidence and connection on your inclusion journey.