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  • Socio-Economic Mobility
    Top Tips on Boosting Socio-Economic Mobility

    Eight tips on how to boost socio-economic mobility for employers.

  • Women having a meeting with laptops around a table
    Socio-Economic Mobility
    Women having a meeting with laptops around a table
    Why is Socio-Economic Mobility Important for Employers?

    Socio-economic mobility is all about the movement of someone from their current social or economic status to another, usually through employment. It is well documented that this movement is difficult to achieve in the UK and many people encounter a number of barriers.

  • Socio-Economic Mobility
    Using this Socio-Economic Resource Package

    We recommend that you plan how to engage staff in discussion and activities around socio-economic mobility. In this document you will find some suggestions on how to maximise the impact of these resources.

  • Socio-Economic Mobility
    FAQs: Socio-Economic Mobility

    A list of frequently asked questions about socio-economic mobility.

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